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Charles TeWinkle

Charles W. TeWinkle Intermediate School was originally 19.97 acres of farmland, until 1963, where both cabbage and lima beans were grown. When TeWinkle Intermediate School opened in September of 1964 there were 320 students, 9 buildings, a cafeteria, and 46 original classrooms. The school is named after Charles W. TeWinkle, the successful owner of TeWinkle Hardware Store and the first Mayor of Costa Mesa when it was officially incorporated as a city in 1953.Today, Charles W. TeWinkle Intermediate School serves approximately 550 students in grades 7 and 8. Elementary feeder schools include: Adams, California, Pomona, Rea, Victoria, and Wilson. All of TeWinkle's students articulate to Estancia High School for grades 9-12.


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