Ready, Set, Go!

Ready, Set, Go!

By: Sixto Gomez, David Gomez


          The first track meet was fantastic. Our Trojans worked hard and tried their best to win in our first track meet against Dwyer. We asked Juan Carachure if they were prepared for the meet. He said, “Yes of course, we were all in great shape and ran well.” We also asked him if they could have done better, he said, “No, we did beast.” They’re coaches Adrian Marquina, Stacie Laux, Danny Thomas, Andrew Bacon, and Kristina Dorian worked hard to help the students do the best they can, but sadly they lost. Here are the results:


Alexis Ensastegui was first place in both the mile and the 800 meter race.

Adrian Barajas was first place in the 400 meter race

Mason Richards was second place in the 400

Alex Parias was first place in the Mile and the 400 meter race and second in the high jump

Hayden Pearce was first in the 100 and 200 meter races and the long jump

Ryan Carrillo was second in the 400

Juan Rivera was second in the 800

Gerardo Pedroza got first in the 200

Deandre Quinones was second in the 200

Trevor Pacheco was second in the long jump

Connor Walsh was second in the high jump

Gabriel Marquina was first in the long jump

 Katie Fitzgerald was first in the 400 and 200 meter races

Susana Valdez was second in the mile and 800

Lexina McDowell was first in the mile

Lexi Osso was first in the 400 and second in the 100

Cielo Cruz was first in the 800

Dafne Garduno was first in the high jump

Amy Bishop was second in the shot put



TeWinkle vs. Mesa Soccer game

TeWinkle vs. Mesa Soccer game

By: Favricio Becerra and Daniel Hernandez


            This season the boys and girls 8th and 7th soccer teams are prepared for the upcoming match vs. Mesa, their rivals. The 7th grade boys and girls play at Mesa at 4 p.m. The 8th grade boys and girls teams both play at the Jim Scott stadium at Estancia. The 8th grade girls play first at 6 p.m. the 8th grade boys will play at 7p.m. We interviewed the 8th grade boys’ soccer coach, Alexis Plata.


            Q. What do you think the final score will be?

            A. 5-0 Tewinkle wins

            Q. What advantage do you have over Mesa?

            A. We practice on this field

            Q. What do you think about your team?

            A. We are beast and work hard

            The 7th grade girls came out with results of 0-0, the 8th grade girls 1-0 and the 7th grade boys 5-2 and finally the 8th grade boys won 5-0. Go support them on their semifinal games this Wednesday and Friday at Sowers Middle School.

Soccer Playoffs

By: Rachid Haddouch


            The Twinkle 8th grade team is doing great this year. They have not lost one game 4-0-0 that means they have won 4 games and tied 0 and lost 0. The playoffs are Wednesday March, 26. The playoffs are going to be hosted by Sowers. Who they’re going to play is still unknown. This TeWinkle team has been to the playoffs before, so they will be playing with experience.

            I interviewed the defensive player Jose Jiménez. I asked him who do they will be a problem at the playoffs. He replied, “Ensign because they move the ball well.” I also asked him if you guys go to final who you think you will go against. He said, “Mesa because they made it last year and beat us.”

            Next I interviewed Favricio Becerra. I asked him who you think will be the biggest problem in playoffs. He replied, “Mesa because last year they beat us.” I asked him if he thinks they will go to finals.  He said, “Yes, because we play good defense.” As you can see the TeWinkle team is ready for the playoffs.            


8th Grade Soccer Team

8th Grade Soccer Team

By: Rachid Haddouch & Bryan Vivar


            The soccer team this year is stacked with good players like Andy Martinez, Sergio Gutierrez, and Favricio Becerra. Those are only few of the players on the Tewinkle Middle School soccer team. They have a game Thursday 25th against CDM, this will be the first game they will have at home and them won.

We interviewed Sergio about the season. We asked Sergio was he on the soccer team last year he replied, “Yes I was on the team last year, and we got to the finals, but lost.” We also asked him if he think he can go to finals again and he said “definitely”.  We asked him why you play soccer, he replied, “I play soccer because you can make a living out of something you love to do.”

            Next we interviewed Favricio Becerra, we asked him if he was on the soccer team last year, “Yeah, I scored two goals!” Next we asked him if he thinks he can go to the finals this year and he replied,” Yeah I think we are going to go against Costa Mesa.” and Last we asked him why he plays soccer, he said, “ It’s my favorite sport I’ve played it since I was a kid.” The soccer team will be on their journey to success.       

Sochi Olympics

Sochi Olympics

By: Hugo Alonso and Sixto Gomez


            Have you ever seen the Olympics?  The Olympics were held in Sochi, Russia.  It started on February 7th, 2014 and ended February 24, 2014. It is also known as XXII Olympic Winter Games. There have been 22 Olympic events but 2 got cancelled due to World War II. There were 15 games in total including Alpine skiing, Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Luge, Ski jump, Snowboarding and many more. Russia was 1st place in the Olympics, 2nd place was USA and 3rd place was Norway. Russia had 13 Gold medals, 11 Silver medals and 9 Bronze.

            USA had 9 Gold medals, 7 Silver medals and 12 Bronze medals (see chart below).

Sport:                                                                                            Gold:    Silver:    Bronze:             

Freestyle Skiing








Alpine Skiing




Figure Skating












Ice Hockey




Short Track








By: Micah Keane Cobi White


            For opening ceremony to the winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia February 7, 2014, a malfunction occurred. During the ceremony there were five floating snowflakes that were supposed to turn into five interlocked rings. The five connected rings are the iconic symbol of the Olympics. It was seen worldwide, but the spectators in Russia did not witness the malfunction because the technical supervisors of Russia fixed the problem by replacing the image with the rehearsal tape on all of Russia’s broadcast. The Russian director of the opening and closing ceremony of the Olympics showed some humor when reenacting the malfunction at the closing ceremony. This time it was on purpose and it was with people.

More Than a Game

More Than a Game

By: Jennifer Leon and Rose Luna


            Support Estancia’s Basketball team by attending their future home games.  This 2013-2014 basketball season started on November 11, 2013. We asked Coach Heredia how many wins and losses does Estancia Varsity team have. He said 6 wins and 11 losses. That’s one reason why as a community we should go support our high school. Another question we asked the coach was, who are the most competitive players on the team? Coach Heredia said, “Josh Mendoza, Sean Ponce, Amine Haddouch, and Martin Henry.” We also asked him what are his expectations for his team and he said, “To win more games than have lost.”  One last question we asked him was; what are his goals for this team. He said, “To give this team a great experience with Basketball.”

            Support the Eagles on January 29, 2014 at Estancia High school!!”

Bump, Set, Spike!

Bump, Set, Spike!

By: Ian Bolter


            This quarter TeWinkle girls in seventh and eighth grade tried out for volley ball, and soon our TeWinkle girls volleyball team was formed. Thanks to Ms.Hurst, Mr.Bacon, and Mrs.Brittany Hult for helping out and coaching and pushing the team so they can win. The eighth graders and seventh graders have not won any games, but surely have been improving and have been getting better. They have played four games, and the next game will be Wed. January 29, 2014 at Ensign.

            I talked to Alyannah Palma, an eighth grade volleyball player, and she says, “It’s been a great experience, and even though we haven’t won yet, it is a lot of fun.” I asked her what her favorite part is, she said, “Playing and getting the ball is the most fun, and we work together to try and win a game.”

           Be sure to cheer on our seventh and eighth grade volleyball girls!

Starting the Quarter in Basketball

Starting the Quarter in Basketball

By: Jered Acuna & Daniel Vega 


            This year we have 7th and 8th grade boys’ basketball teams. There were two tryouts for both teams. Some drastic cuts were made to both teams due to the high number of kids trying out. The 7th grade coach Danny Thomas and the 8th grade coach Oscar Valencia. The practices for the 7th grade team are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays after school. The 8th grade practices are Tuesdays, Thursdays after school, and Saturdays from 8-11 am. The games for both teams will start December 19 against Harbor Day! We wish both teams luck!                                                                                                           

The rosters for both teams are below

7th grade

  1. Nathan Guyot
  2. Christopher Ramirez
  3. Hayden Pearce
  4. Eric Kenneth
  5. Brandon English
  6. Nikyle Gould
  7. John Hopkins
  8. Nathan Figueroa
  9. Justin Wood
  10. Conner Walsh
  11. John Casillas
  12. Mason Richards

8th Grade

  1. Alex Epperson
  2. Cooper Griffen
  3. Ervin Mauga
  4. Mathew Sullivan
  5. Andy Martinez
  6. Jackson Winters
  7. Sean Rutledge
  8. Deshandre Kerkhoff
  9. Bennett Goodman
  10. Eric Flores
  11. Trevor Pacheco
  12. Jered Acuna

Boston Wins the World Series

  Boston Wins the World Series

By: Hugo Alonso, Jered Acuna


         In the World Series this year it was the Boston Red Sox against St. Louis Cardinals. The games were at both of the teams stadiums in Boston and in St. Louis. Boston won the American League which is the younger league and St. Louis won the National League which is the older league. Out of seven games Boston won four and St. Louis won two. The World Series this year was from October 23-30. Boston won the first game but lost the following two but they ended the series strong and won the last three games.

We interviewed two people: Mr. Riddell and Elias Garcia

 “Who do you want to win?”

Elias answered: “I wanted the Cardinals to win because I don’t like the Red Sox’s,”

Mr. Riddell answered: “I wanted Detroit to make it to the World Series but Boston beat them,”

“Did you watch the series?”

Elias: “I didn’t watch all of the games but I did watch a couple of them,”

Mr. Riddell: “I watched every single game of the series,”

“How did you feel when the Red Sox won and the Cardinals lost?”

Elias: “I was mad when the Red sox won I wanted the Cardinals to win.”

Mr. Riddell: “I thought the Cardinals were going to win so I was pretty surprised,”

We asked Mr. Riddell an additional question which was:

“Did you like how the final score to the series turned out to be, it was 4-2 Boston win, or did you hope for something different.”

Mr. Riddell: “It was about what I thought it would turn up to be, but I thought it was going to be the other way around and the Cardinals beating Boston.”


Battle of the Bell

Battle of the Bell

By: Nessa Osso and Corinne Burthe


         Two teams playing against each other for many years fighting for the bell. Costa Mesa hasn’t won for four years so odds are in favor for Estanica. This game is the 47th time the rivals have fought for the bell!  

         We have interviewed some of our peers to see their opinion, on who will win. Rafael Espinoza said “I think Estancia is going to win because, by what I’ve seen Estancia usually wins.”

        “I think they will win 27-8” Ryan Carrillo said.

         “I think Estancia is going to win because I like that team.” Jake Alai says

         “I want Estancia to win because it is my future school.” Alexis Osso says “I want Estancia to win because they are good.  I know Dalton O’daley (EHS) & Adam JeyaRajah (CMHS)”

         Last, but not least Stacy Lopez says “I want Mesa to win because I like Costa Mesa.”; everyone was against her, including us, but surely she was correct Costa Mesa High school had won!  The winning score was 31-18.  Costa Mesa High School has won thirteen points more than Estancia has won! Congratulations Mustangs, we’ll get you next time.

"Setting" Up the Season

“Setting” Up the Season

By: Lexina McDowell and Lydia Beth


            This year our school just had tryouts for our boys’ volleyball teams. We interviewed two of the setters from the 8th grade boys’ volleyball team, Cobi White and Cooper Griffin about how the 8th grade team is doing so far. They both said they think that they are going to do a lot better than last year. Cobi also said that the team has been working very well together. Cobi White, number 23 said ,”I don’t think I will play volleyball in high school because he plans on playing swimming, water polo, and soccer.” Cooper Griffin, number 6, agreed that he won’t play in high school, but they are defiantly helping out the 8th grade team this year. If any of you guys can make it out to any of the games, defiantly stop by and show them some support!  Here are the 7th and 8th grade rosters for the 2013-2014 season:





7th Grade

Coach Shaun Hill

  1. Ryan Carrillo
  2. Hezekiah Bailey
  3. Hayden Pearce
  4. Jake Alai
  5. Nathan Guyot
  6. Tony Padilla
  7. Keenan Lawrence
  8. Jeremy Gardner
  9. Justin Wood
  10. Adrian Barajus
  11. Miles Kaucher
  12. Erasmo Garcia
  13. Alan Flores
  14. Refugio Araiza
  15. David Acosta

8th Grade

Coach Bacon

  1. Elias Garcia
  2. Andy Martinez
  3. Cobi White
  4. Trevor Pacheco
  5. Erick Flores
  6. Angel Lopez
  7. Alexis Orozco
  8. Roger Tomlinson
  9. Bennett Goodman
  10. Cooper Griffin
  11. Ervin Mauga
  12. Deshandre Kerkhoff
  13. Favricio Becerra
  14. MJ Peters
  15. Ian Bolter


Bayern vs. Borussia Dortmund


By: John Alaniz and Daniel Gomez

May 5, 2013

The final is set. Bayern and Borussia are facing each other in the final at Wembley, England May 25, 2013. We can’t wait to see the two German clubs play against each other. Bayern comes from defeating the best club in the world, Barcelona 7-0. Bayern’s first semi-final game was at Allianz Arena in Germany and Bayern took the win 4-0. Bayern’s second semi-final game was at Camp Nou in Spain and Bayern took the win 3-0. Borussia comes from defeating the 2nd best club in the world Real Madrid 4-3. Borussia first semi-final game was in Germany and Borussia took the win 4-0. Borussia’s second semi-final game was in Santiago Bernabeu and Real Madrid took the late win almost beating them 3-0. The Barcelona and Real Madrid losses were very surprising since they were the better teams but the two German clubs deserve the spot at the final.

Opening Day

opening day.jpg

By: Erik Ozuna & Kyle Domingo


Opening day is one of the most anticipated days in baseball. On March 31, 2013, friends and family came together to watch their favorite team kick off the season.

When we asked people how they feel about this year’s upcoming season Mr. Riddell said, “This is an exciting time of the year. I am a huge baseball fan.” He also said, “I’ve been a Detroit Tigers fan since I was 13 or 14. I also think it is an exciting time of the year too, because it gives families the chance to go out and experience some real baseball.”

 When we asked Mr. Vettraino what his thoughts were on the season he responded with, “The Padres are going to do really bad this year.” But when we asked him what team he was going for he said, “I’m rooting for the Padres, haha.” His final words to us were, “Baseball needs to finish when football starts.” Kyle and I are really excited for this year’s season. I hope you guys are too.

Chivas vs. America


By: Daniel Gomez and John Alaniz


On Sunday March 31st, 2013, the Super Classic was played at 7pm. It was Chivas vs. America, a great game played by two of the best teams in Mexico’s professional soccer league. It was a day that most of the people that watch Mexican soccer were waiting for. The whistle blew and the game started.

The first half was full of fouls by both teams, and injuries. Chivas substituted Hector Reynoso and Jorge Enriquez, two quality players from the Chivas side because of injuries. In the 28th minute, Jesus Sanchez (C) went for the clean tackle, but Paul Aguilar (A) didn’t think it was clean so he reacted with pushing and shoving.  In the end nothing severe happened. The goals came in the second half when O. Martinez (A) crossed a ball into the area Raul Jimenez (A) was well positioned and he scored with a header. Right after the first goal, Marco Fabian, a great player from the Chivas side, was substituted due to an injury. With the first goal, America gained confidence to score even more goals. They did so when Raul Jimenez (A) was at the end of Rubens Sambueza’s cross to score the second.  But Chivas didn’t give up! Rafael Marquez (C) had a great chance, but Moises Munoz denied his amazing strike.


BY: Mikayla Bajhart & Macy Ward      


Horseback riding is a sport that is not looked upon as hard or important. It is mounting on the back of a horse while controlling it’s movements, but is it really that easy? The answer is, no. You are required to control the horses movements and topline (the way the horse is holding it’s head, neck and back) and to encourage the unpredictable, 1,250 pound animal to use the correct muscles in all four gaits (walk, trot, canter, and gallop). Yet, people still believe it isn’t a sport or any form of exercise.

  First of all, it is the hardest sport to get a good score in when showing or competing. Most people are stoked to get a 60% (which is a D) on their test or pattern (a series of movements created by horse show judges). Many people think it isn’t considered a sport because every rider on television looks effortless, and the horse is doing all the work. That is part of the rider’s job! What the horse does is due to the queue the rider gives using only their reins and legs. The rider’s  job is to make every signal look invisible so that is looks like the horse is a pleasure to ride.

Also, while the average athlete works with a team and a ball, equestrians work with an animal that cannot speak. However, when the horse wants to disagree, the rider will be in the dirt in 5 seconds and will fall at least 5 feet. If the rider is nervous or mad the horse will know and become nervous as well. Horses can sense if the rider is tense. Do you still think it isn’t a sport?

3-7 girls soccer- Hannah Smith 008.jpg

New Year, New Girls Soccer Team

By: Julie Makley and Hannah Smith


It’s that time of year again, soccer is here!  The 8th grade team is coached by Oscar. We interviewed Delani Guyot, a mid-fielder on the 8th grade girls’ team.  She told us she likes to play midfield because she can score or assist.  Delani reports that their practices are on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and their first game is on Tuesday, March 5 against Sowers.  We asked why she tried out for the team, she answered, “It’s my favorite sport, and I’ve played since I was three.”  We questioned Delani about what the team needed to work on and she answered, “Defense needs to kick the ball farther up the field. Mid-field needs to collect the ball, look for open players, and slide together.  The forwards need to check for the ball” We asked her what team she thought would be the biggest competition.  “CDM will probably be the hardest game, but we need to win against our rivals, Mesa and Sowers.”

We interviewed Brittany Velazquez, a defender on the 8th grade team.  “I’ve been playing defense since I was six years old.” she told us.  We asked Brittany what she thought the team needed to work on and she said, “Talking to each other, and controlling the ball.”  Brittany told us that she thinks Sowers will be the biggest competition all season.

On the 7th grade soccer team we interview Lexina McDowell. We asked her what position do you play and she said, “My favorite position to play is midfield, but I can play any other position except for goalie.” We then asked her why she tried out for the 7th grade soccer team, she said, “I joined because I really like soccer a lot, and I have been playing soccer all my life.” Next we asked her what the team needs to work on. She answered, “We need to work on talking and passing the ball to each other.” The last question we asked was, what school do you think will be your greatest competition? She answered, “CDM will be our greatest competition because my friends are on their team, and they are in club.”   


lunch dodgeball - Paulus 025.jpg

TeWinkle Dodge Ball Intramurals

 By:Kobe Wood and Noah Mayne


TeWinkle dodge ball lunch intermural games started last week. Games are single-elimination, played at lunch time, and are a great competition.

 We had a chance to talk with some of the very pumped-up team members of team Hippo-Foot, Kyle Fitzgerald and Devin Pacheco. When asked why they wanted to play dodge ball Devin replied, “Because we’re gonna win and get a free In-n-Out Burger.” We also asked how they felt about a girl being on their team, and they replied, “She will probably do ok, but she has a good team backing her up.” Later, when asked how they would feel if they lost, Devin replied, “I would go cry in the bathroom and call my mom.”

Isabelle, the only girl on team Hippo-Foot, also commented on the subject. How she feels about being the only girl on the team. She responded, “I felt cool and honored they picked me.” We also asked her if she was good at the game. “I’m good because I’m a beast thrower.” She responded. When asked why she liked dodge ball, she retorted “I like it because I get to hit people with the ball.”

 Dodge ball is a fun game people of all ages can enjoy anywhere anytime that has been brought to life at our school giving our kids a fun lunchtime activity we can all enjoy.


Major League Baseball Season Starting

By: Jordan Balcazar and Jeffrey Alai

March 1, 2013 


Expectations are high for this year’s baseball season. It will all start up on March 31, 2013, but Opening Day will be held on April 1, 2013. The first matchup on March 31st is between the Rangers and the Astros and will be played in Houston, Texas. Some exciting baseball teams include the Blue Jays, Angels, Rangers, and Dodgers.


The first official Major League Baseball game was played on May 4, 1871. It was between Cleveland Forest Cities and Ft. Wayne Kekiongas, maybe this is the reason baseball has become so popular. Others say because of the way the game excites them.


We interviewed Austin Reyes, an eighth grader from Tewinkle Middle School and his thoughts are, “The Angels and the Dodgers will be two of the best teams out there.” It has been 142 years since the first baseball game, and we still look forward to the new season.

Boys Basketball

Boys Basketball

What a Season!

By: Daniel Gomez     

February 12, 2013


Both Tewinkle Middle School boys’ basketball teams had great seasons. The eight grade team ended up with 2 wins and 4 loses. The seventh grade team ended up with a record of 1 win and 5 loses. Those numbers don’t seem great, but our Trojans played with a lot of effort, and, as always, showed good sportsmanship. Fortunately, both teams made it to the playoffs.  The eighth grade team played against Ensign Middle School for their first playoff game. The seventh graders play against Dwyer Middle School for their first playoff game.


 I had the opportunity to talk to Kyle Domingo.

Kyle Domingo

Q: What do think about the team’s performance this season?

A: The team has done well, but there can always be some improvements.

Q: What do you think you do for the team?

A: I am a very good defensive player, and I try my best to help them there.

Q: What was your record this season?

A: We had 2 wins and 4 looses.

Q: How can the team improve for the playoffs?

A: We should spread the ball around.

Q: How can you improve for the playoffs?

A: I need to work on being a more attacking player; I need to help the offense.


Tewinkle’s boys’ basketball teams both had great seasons. Tewinkle is always one of the most competitive schools in all sports.  We are trying our best to keep it that way.


Ballon d’Or

By: Erik Ozuna, John Alaniz, and Kyle Domingo



The Ballon d’Or is a very significant award that the Fifa association gives once a year to the best male soccer player, the best female soccer player, the best man soccer coach, and the best woman soccer coach. The Fifa association gets the votes by asking the Captains and coaches form all international soccer teams. This year the 3 nominees for the best guy soccer player are Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Andres Iniesta. This year the 3 nominees for best girl soccer player are Abby Wambach, Marta, and Alex Morgan. The 3 nominees for best guy coach are Vicente Del Bosque, Jose Mourinho, and Pep Guardiola. The 3 nominees for the best girl soccer coach are Pia Sundhage, Norio Sasaki, and Bruno Bini.

The results were entered and with no surprise the winner for the best man soccer player for 2013 was Lionel Messi. He has won 4 times in a row. The best woman soccer player for 2013 was Abby Wambach. The best woman soccer coach for 2013 was Pia Sundhage. The best man soccer coach for 2013 was Vicente Del Bosque. All of these amazing players deserve the Ballon d’Or for 2013.  

8th Grade Boys Basketball

By Kyle Domingo and Erik Ozuna



Last year, the 8th grade Boys basketball team finished with a 1-5 record. They barely made the playoffs, and they lost in the first round. This year, with a new coach, and a different style of play, the 8th grade basketball team looks to have a winning season. Coach Heredia, former varsity basketball coach for Estancia, took the year off coaching high school to coach the 8th graders. “We’re going to learn a lot, and it’s going to be lots of fun,” said Mr. Heredia.

We asked Mr. Bacon, who watched the boys’ basketball team tryout last Tuesday, what he thought about the upcoming boys’ team. “They have good defense and ball movement,” He said.

We asked Mr. Vettraino what we needed to do to have a good season, he said: “As long as you follow the fundamentals.” 

Lastly, we interviewed Evan Pettingill, Who made the basketball team, what he thinks about the upcoming season. He said, “I think that we have the right pieces that will make a good basketball team, and I am excited for the upcoming season,”

The first game will take place on January 10th against Ensign, a challenging opponent. We hope to see you there! Go Trojans!

                                                            8th Grade Basketball team

                                                            Abraham Tolliver

                                                            Kyle Domingo

                                                            Nathan Jover

                                                            Jake McIntyre

                                                            Trevor Brown

                                                            Jeffery Alai

                                                            Noah Mayne

                                                            Evan Pettingill

                                                            Braxton Leuck

                                                            Kyle Fitzgerald

                                                            Bryant Bivar

                                                            Jorge Sandoval

A “Giant” World Series


Erik Ozuna


Baseball has been Americas favorite past time for many years. At the end of every great season is a one on one battle for the title of the World Series Championship. This year two outstanding teams, the San Francisco Giants and the Detroit Tigers, fought for the title. In the World Series it is always the best out of seven games. The first game was at AT&T Park, the Giants home stadium. The first game is always played at the home of the team that has the best winnings record of the regular season. This year that honor was to the Giants.

The first game was the most exciting because Pablo Sandoval hit three homeruns; this earned him the MVP for the series.  This was special because only three other players before him have accomplished this. The three players were Babe Ruth in 1926 & 1928, Reggi Jackson in 1977, and Albert Pujols in 2011. The second game was a win for every when the outfielder, Angel Pagan, stole second base at the top of the 2nd inning. Angel Pagans stolen base initiated the promotional give away that Taco Bell promised the fans. Taco Bell gave away a Doritos hard shell taco for free to every fan between 2pm and 6pm.

The third and fourth game was a battle of the bull pen. Each team brought out their best pitchers to try and close out the games; however they were low scoring games. The Giants took the World Series with a sweep of 4-0. Although the Giants have been to the World Series before, the last time they swept a team was in 1954. Both teams fought their heart out in the games but the Giants won to claim their Championship.   




 By: Stacy Lopez and Lexina McDowell


Daniel Vega (number 20) and Cobi White (number 19) on the team have given us some thoughts on what they think about this year’s volleyball team. According to Daniel Vega the team is doing alright, but they need more practice. When we asked Vega why he tried out, and he answered, “My friends joined, so I tried out.” Other than volleyball, Daniel is playing on a soccer team outside of school to keep busy. Later on this year Vega is looking forward to try out for the school’s basketball and soccer teams.

We asked our school’s Athlete of the Month, Cobi, if he’s enjoying volleyball. He said, “Yes, now I know how to play volleyball!” White’s opinion of the other teams they’ve played against is that they’re good and it shows when they play. Cobi thinks the coach is nice and encourages him to do better in the sport. Other sports that Cobi’s trying out for are soccer, basketball, and track.

Estancia Athletics

By: Sarai Cienfuegos


Have you thought about what to do over the summer? Well here’s something you can do. If you are interested in sports, Estancia’s head basketball coaches: Xavier Castellano and Judd Fryslie are holding a basketball camp for girls during the summer. This way you can be fit and have experience by the time basketball season starts which is in the Winter (Dec.-Feb.). The Estancia Girls Basketball Boosters Summer Camp will be held Monday- Friday, June 25- July 29, from 8am to 10am. The cost for the camp is $125, this includes

·        Instructions from the Estancia coaches.

·        Summer League games.

·        Basketball Tournament.

·        And basketball gear.


Their goal is to develop basketball skills like shooting and dribbling.  They also help with team building that enables a player to improve their game and skills. This would be a great thing to do over the summer so. TRY IT OUT!!!


12- track 006.jpg
12- track 008.jpg


Viviana Almanza


We are ready to compete against students in track from other schools. The first meet is against Corona del Mar and Sowers at Estancia on 5/10/12.

To get ready for the meets the team has practice every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The guys start with stretching so they won’t pull a muscle or get cramps. Then they do two laps around the track and the fired. Then they start practicing on their long jump, high jump, and shot put and if not they run some more. Some days they just do running, other days they do both events and running. We are sure that we are going to win this year because all the guys are good at what they do. The girls are ready too. They do some running as well and practice their events. They start with stretching and then they run.

This year we are going to do better than last year.

Estancia Cheer Requirements

By: Brianne Cooke & Claire Leenerts



Are you interested in trying out for Estancia Cheerleading? Cheer is a great way to have fun, get exercise, and meet new friends! The tryouts will be held on Wednesday, April 4 starting at 3:30 PM. However, there are some requirements you will have to meet in order to make your way to the team.


During tryouts, judges will score you on a few things. The dance routine and sideline cheer is worth 20 points each and the communication skill and overall spirit/ enthusiasm is worth 5 points each. If you can do a backhand spring you get an extra 2 points. You will need to have eye-contact, voice projection, and confidence during the tryouts.


Before you tryout, you need to maintain a G.P.A of 2.3 or higher. Also you have to have 2 teacher recommendations and a coach recommendation.


Estancia Cheerleaders help the community by going to school events like pep rallies and school games such as volleyball, football, and water polo. In the city of Costa Mesa, the cheerleaders go to community events such as the Community Run, Torelli Events, and Costa Mesa Pop Warner. Beyond Costa Mesa, they go to events like the OC Marathon and Team up for St. Jude.


Hopefully this information will help anyone interested in trying out. Remember to always try your best and give it your all when you try out! Even if you don’t get in it won’t be the end of the world. But good luck to all that try!

Mexico vs. Canada

Rabago, Andres


Mexico vs. Canada played on Saturday March 31, 2012 at 6:00pm Pacific. They played in Live Strong sporting park in Kansas City, Kansas. The team who wins will go to the Olympics. Both teams have 23 players and under. This is a very important tournament. In the last two tournaments to see who will go to the Olympics, Mexico showed his players very weak comparing to the other teams. But this year Mexico is in the Olympic games. The coach Luis Fernando Tena has a good team this time. He believed that he could win and he won all the games. Mexico is going to the Olympic games.

Canada vs. Mexico game was really tough, but the first goal was made by Marco Fabian from Mexico in the minute 20. Then Canada made the goal by Marcus Haber in the minute 32. Mexico started to play better by passing it a lot. Alan Pulido made the goal in the minute 33. The game stayed the same and the team started to pass a lot. Ponce made a goal by shooting it as hard as he can in the minute 59. The game ended and the score was 3-1, Mexico won.

Lineups for Mexico: Liborio Sanchez, Darvin Chavez, Israel Jimenez, Hiram Mier, Diego Reyes, David Cabrera, Javier Aquino, Hector Herrera, Miguel Ponce, Marco Fabian, Alan Pulido

Lineups for Canada: Michael Misciewicz, Russel Teibert, Nana Attakora, Doneil Henry, Andres Fressenga, Samuel Piette, Philippe Davies, Kyle Bekker, Evan James, Lucas Cavallini, Marcus Haber 


Starting to Struggle

By: Kevin Angeles & Adam White



As of 3/16/12 grade soccer girls played two matches against tough teams. The first match was against Sowers on Tuesday. The score was 2-2 TeWinkle tying for their first game. The game was pretty intense and both teams were trying their best to win. There was great sportsmanship shown by both teams. Although we didn’t win. We were happy we didn’t lose.


Then on Thursday they went against CDM, one of our hardest rivals. The TeWinkle girls were playing well because they wanted to make up for the tie against Sowers. In the first half, Jocelyn Alanis scored a goal there was so much communicating between the girls as they played.


In the second half of the game, there were many amazing plays made by both teams. Maya Vandenheever blocked many balls, stopping the other team from scoring. While that happened, CDM’s coach was getting warned many times by the referee. By the end of the second half CDM had scored two goals. We lost 1-2, but we are working hard to make a comeback. Go TeWinkle Trojans!



Off To A Good Start

By: Wilmer Sanchez & Gaby Hernandez





The TeWinkle Trojans are off to a good start, defeating Sowers 4-1 in their first game. In their second game, against Corona Del Mar, they tied at 2 points each. The 8th graders played a good game on both Tuesday, March 13th and Thursday, March 15th. Unlike the 8th graders, the 7th grade team lost the first game, but tied the second game.


On their first game, the 8th grade boys did very well with 3 different players scoring. The first goal was scored by Jose Martinez in a penalty kick. Another one was scored by Emanuel Pizzaro, and the other two were scored by Andy Ceja. Everyone played well and worked together as a team making wonderful passes and plays. This was the first victory for the Trojans in the season against Sowers, who are 0-2, losing both of their first two games.


In the second game, against CDM, the Trojans tied at 2. The first goal was scored by Salvador Escalante. Anthony Robles played a big part in the goal, centering it perfectly so that Salvador could make the goal. The second goal was by Jose Lopez, after many of the players making perfect passes.


The 8th grade boys’ soccer team has had a pretty good start. Their next game will be against Dwyer on Tuesday, March 20th. I think the TeWinkle Trojans have a good chance of getting first place in the season this year. Go Trojans!

Who are the people that made the soccer team?

By: Viviana Almanza



I interviewed Carlos Navarro, Daniel Segura, Ignacio Solis, and Ulisses Ahumado from the boy’s soccer team from Tewinkle Middle School. These seventh grade guys are very happy that they made the team because they really wanted to be on the team and play against the other schools.


“I wasn’t sure I was going to make the team because there were too many good players that tried out,” said Carlos Navarro. Daniel and Ulisses said they weren’t as nervous as the other students trying out.  The goalie, Ignacio Solis, said “Yes, I was nervous because there were four goalies and they were all very good.”


These four guys have tried out for other soccer teams, like pilot cup and made the team. Some are even in a soccer club to have fun and play the sport they like the most.


The reason why these guys tried out was so they can see if they have what it takes to be on the team. “I want to be on the team because I want to play against the other teams from the other schools,” Said Ulisses Ahumado. At the tryouts they all thought it was fair because it was two days to show how good they are.


“They’re no competition” said Daniel Segura when I asked him if he was nervous to play against the other teams. Meanwhile the others said that they were exited, but nervous because they knew some players from the other schools that were really good. They all think that the team is great and that they will get to the finals and get the trophy this year if they go to practice and work very hard.

Soccer tryouts

Soccer tryouts

Guys Tryout For The Soccer Team!

By: Viviana Almanza and Denis Rivera


On February 27 was the first day of tryouts for the soccer team after school. The seventh grade coaches are Rene Ovando, and Jaime Jimenez. The high school helpers were Miguel Espinoza and Richard Osorio. The eight grade coach is Andy Dorian along with the high school helpers Cristian Monroy, David Pena and Ernie Guillen.  Forty-six seventh graders and forty-eight eight graders tried out, but at least eighteen or less from both teams were able to make the team.

 The qualities that the coaches were looking for were team player, hard work, defense skill, drills, good knowledge and most importantly good team work. We asked the coaches what is expected from each and every player, eight grade coach, Andy Dorian, answered saying “They have to be committed to the team and at practice 110% of the time.” To see what if the guys have what it takes the coaches make them do a lot of stretching, running and scrimmage.

Congratulation to the guys that made the team!  So seventh and eighth graders that worked so hard to join the team but unfortunately didn’t make it keep on practicing!


Super Bowl XLVI

By: Kevin Angeles and Adam White


Giants or Patriots? On Sunday, February 5 2012, the Super Bowl said everything. The giants won the Lombardi trophy after 4 exhausting hours.

Just as the event started, the Giants quarterback, Eli Manning, passed the ball to wide receiver, Hakeem Nicks, and helped score a first down. Eli kept passing the ball but got sacked two consecutive times by the Patriot’s defense. Then came the first flag of the game. The Patriots got a flag for having 12 men on their side while the Giants were going for the touchdown. A little while later, Eli passed it to Victor Cruz who made the first touchdown of the game. As the quarter ended the Giants had made a total of 19 plays while the Patriots only made one play.

In the second quarter, Pierre-Paul blocked two of the Tom Brady’s passes to the wide receivers.  Then Travis Beckham had an injury which took him out the whole game. Another flag was pulled on the Patriots. This time they had made a false start. Everything was going great for the Giants, but Eli was always taking his time on throwing the ball which cost him many good plays.  At the of the 2nd quarter, another flag was given to the Patriots when Brain Waters was caught holding onto Pierre-Paul. The Giants’ defense had some flaws during the last two quarters.

A touchdown was scored in the 3rd quarter by Danny Woodhead who received the ball from a pass by Tom Brady. At the end of the 3rd quarter the score was 15-17, the patriots taking the lead. Then in the 4th quarter an amazing play was made by Blackburn. He intercepted the ball while Gronkowski tried to catch the ball He was then tackled and gave the Giants the chance to win back the game. In the last two minutes, Ahmad Bradshaw scored a touchdown having time to taunt the Patriots as he scored it. This touchdown gave the victory to the Giants

Girls 7th Grade Volleyball

Girls Volleyball

Lucky Scooter Parts

By: Nate Stephens and Omar Gutierrez





 The Lucky Scooter Parts team is a scooter company that sells pro model scooters. The scooters are sold online at Lucky Scooter Parts started as an idea of a young scooter rider from Sammamish, Washington. James Gee’s goal was to have quality scooter parts, not have to pay a fortune, and receive them in days, not months. Without him Lucky today. They said their mission is to make the best freestyle scooter parts and get them to you as soon as possible and make them affordable. They are focused and passionate about expanding the sport and business.   

They are located at Lucky Scooter Parts LLC 6855 176th Ave NE, B235 Redmond, WA 98052. Lucky Scooter Parts has four different teams such as the lucky pro team, the lucky flow team, the am team, and the lil lucky’s. The lucky pro riders are Blake Bailor, James Gee, Stefan Hefner, Jon Aglialoro, Mike Montgomery,  Yamada, and Tyler Garcia. The lucky flow team’s riders are Gus Rymer, Jake Odonnell, Remy Bouchard, Adam Rouse, and Baptiste Nicolas. The am team riders are Cristian Castro, Bobby Pantano, Ryan Grant, Jake Charters, Jake Sorenson, Billy Evers, Andrew Young, Zach Johnston, Travis Minion, Cameron Raduovich, Isaiah Weber, Baird Newbern, Jamie Gantz,  Laurent Giraud, Aruaud Marchenoir, Darcy Altavilla, and Duane Barber. The lil lucky riders are   Kaleb Kier, Dylan Kier, Paxton Swygard, Josh Jeide, Eli Corriveau, Brent Ikedah, Aiden Poole, Powell Augirre, Patrick, Dean Brittin, and Edmond Schnieder.

Lucky Scooter Company is becoming more popular year by year. They sell scooters daily and are rarely out of stock. They are kind and courteous to every buyer you can contact them and they can help you with any thing you need. The products are mid-priced and last awhile. Overall, you should stop by and check them out at!(:

Girls Volleyball Game

By: Sarai Cienfuegos



On Wednesday, January 18th the girl’s volleyball game took place at Tewinkle Middle School in the school’s gym.  They played against Ensign Middle School. Both the 7th and 8th grade girls lost.  I guess luck wasn’t on their side. I interviewed Brianne Cooke a player in the 7th grade team, and asked her if she thought they would defeat Mesa in the next game. She responded saying, “Hopefully we will, but our goal is to improve from our last game.” I surely think they will. There is nothing much to do but to wait and see.




By: Rabago, Andres


Ronaldinho was born on March 21, 1980 in Porto, Alegre Brazil. His full name is Ronaldo de Assis Moreira commonly known a Ronaldinho. His playing position is Attacking Midfielder, and Forward. He was part of the first Brazilian team to win the World Championship in 1997. Ronaldinho then joined the Brazilian team, Gremio, in 1998. In 2001, Ronaldino signed a five-year contract with Paris Saint-Germain.

Ronaldinho won his first league title in 2004-2005 on Paris Saint-Germain. Ronaldinho was chosen for the UEFA team of the year for the third consecutive time in January 2006. In 2008 he joined AC Milan.  Ronaldinho scored his first goal for AC Milan in a 1-0 victory over rival Interazionale September 28, 2008. Ronaldinho joined Flamengo on January 11, 2011.


Boys 7th Grade Volleyball Season

By: Nate Stephens and Daniel Perez



The boy’s 7th grade team had an amazing season. They finished out 5-3. They made it on game in the semi-finals. We talked to Kyle Fitzgerald, and he said, “I like the team, players, and coach.”

 The team got 5th place at the end of the season. We asked one of the team members and he said that their star play was Dalton Manchester. The team was really interested in playing Costa Mesa high School, our school rivals. The teams they said that were the most difficult to play were Corona Del Mar and Dwyer.

They had fun playing. Kyle said “I might be playing next year”. They wanted to get all the way to finals, but they couldn’t make it.   Kyle said he wants to make it there next year. He also said if he could get any moment to redo it would be  losing in the semi-finals. They had so much fun. They were very competitive and focused. Great job 7th Grade Boys.

Basketball Tryouts!

Basketball Tryouts!

Try it out


By Sarai Cienfuegos



The girls basketball season is over, making our school proud by getting 2nd place! But now it’s time for the boys to show our school what they’ve got. On Tuesday November 15 was the boys basketball tryout. Out of more than 20 boys trying out for the 7th grade basketball team Oscar can only choose 12. Before the tryouts I interviewed Oscar and asked him what grade he was going to coach. He said 7th. I also asked him who would be the 8th grade coach and he said Mr. O’Daly.




One question we were all wondering was if the girls were easier to be trained than the boys.  The answer was yes because the boys thought they knew more than the coach. On the 15th I went to the tryouts and asked Mr. O’Daly what he was looking for in a player and he said shooting skills, and the spirit of wanting to be on a team. From my point of view I think the boys basketball will be a success. 




 Here is the list of the 7th grade boys that made the team,


Kyle Fitzgerald

Jeffery Alai

Chris Granados

Evan Pettingill

Kyle Domingo

Caleb Roscado

Trevor Brown

Chris Rodriguez

Bryant Vivar

Fernando Santava

Rylan Davis

Jorge Sandoval

Mario Naranjo

Christian Quinones

Garett Wright

Jake Huber

Eduardo Godinez

Boys Volleyball

Boys Volleyball

Volleyball Game

By: Nate Stephens




The 7th grade boys beat Harbor Day here at Tewinkle on October 11, 2011. The score in the first round was 12-25, a loss for TeWinkle. The second round score was 25-21, a win for TeWinkle. The final round was 15-10,a win for TeWinkle. Our players felt they were out numbered by Harbor Day players. There strategy was to get as many points as possible and as fast as possible before the other team. Even though they felt out numbered, Kyle FitzGerald thinks, “The teams were very even in skill level”. TeWinkle had lots of saves in the three rounds of the game. Kyle said that the team worked so good together that they would make it to the finals.

“And the Winner is….”

by:  Kevin Angeles & Adam White


 As of last Friday, October 28, 2011, the St. Louis Cardinals have won the World Series. Their game against the Texas Rangers was very intense match up. The score was the Cardinals: 6 and the Rangers: 2. David Freese hit a game two run double in the bottom of the first inning which evened the score between the two teams. It also broke up the post time post season rbi (runs batted in) record. In the bottom of the third inning, Allen Craig hit a homerun that gave the Cardinals the lead to the game.

In the bottom of the fifth inning, Yadier Molina walked making the score 4 -2. Rafael Furcal got hit by a pitch from the Rangers which now made the score 5-2.

Lance Berkman scored on a single from Yadier Molina which made the Cardinals score once again. In the top of the ninth inning, David Murphy popped out to the left fielder, Allen Craig, making the St. Louis Cardinals the Champions of the World Series once again. This is the Cardinal’s 11th World Series title in the history of their team. After winning the title, the Cardinals celebrated by having a parade in Downtown St. Louis.

The 8th Grade Volleyball team Cancelled

 Kevin Angeles & Adam White


 As of last week, Tewinkle’s 8th grade volleyball team was cancelled. I asked the 8th grade volleyball team coach why they had cancelled the team. This year has been the very first year where a Tewinkle team has been cancelled. She said that one of her players had injured his thumb and had to rest for the whole season. Because of this the team was a player short. In a volleyball team you need to have six players. The team consisted of six players; Adan Rodriguez, Chris Moya, Jose Macias, Israel Arroyo, Omar Gutierrez, and Jeffery William-Mensah.

I asked her if she thought the team had a good chance to have successful season. She answered that with Chris and Jeffery, who had been in the team last year, they had really good chance to succeed in the season. She felt that Corona Del Mar and Dwyer were the team’s biggest competitors because they have experienced beach players and also students that play club volleyball.

UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League

By Alan Cervantes & Christian Godinez


            UEFA Champions League, the world’s most intense soccer tournament. It all starts off with 62 teams in groups. Then later on, only two teams qualify from each group. Then the bracket just gets smaller and smaller until there are only two teams left. They play in the finals usually at a big stadium that fits at least more than 60,000 people. They usually do a little ceremony before and after the game.

            Bayern Munich midfielder, Mario Gotze, stated that, “It’s an amazing feeling you get right before the match.” He also stated, “If you ever get to play in the finals or go watch it, it comes with a spine tingling atmosphere.” Another quote I got was from Chelsea’s left midfielder, Eden Hazard, “I get nervous right before the game, but a good nervous.” As you can tell it is an honor to play in the finals of the UEFA Champions League. You can watch the finals, Real Madrid vs. Athletico Madrid on May 24th on Bein Sports.

By: Rocio Hernandez & Alyannah Palma


            TeWinkle`s track team of 2014 is on a great lead! So far they have won their first meet! Many people have tried out this year and we couldn`t be any more proud than we are right now. We cannot wait for more victories to come! The majority of the team have been getting first place in each event. Mrs. Laux, Mr. Bacon, Ms. Dorian, and Coach Danny are in charge of the team and have been doing a great job practicing and supporting the team!

1600 Meter: Susana Valdez, Lexina McDowell, Steve Puentes, Alexis Ensastegui, Alex Parais, Isaac Bolanos, Hansen Alcala, and Yonatan Lopez

100 Meter: Jackie Arias, Alondra Ochoa, Samantha Ochoa, Charnae Meloncon, Janette Madero, Amy Bishop, Grace Amaya, Dafne Garduno, Anthoni Lopez, Jake Alai, Nathan Guyot, Hayden Pearce, Raul Gonzalez, Giovanni Martella, Nick Mendoza, Gerardo Pedroza, and Nico Ramirez

400 Meter: Katie Fitzgerald, Maria Gonzalez, Cielo Cruz, Haley Howard, Janette Madero, Karla Rodriguez, Lexi Osso, Monique Mendoza, Stacy Lopez, Adrian Barajas Mason Richards, David Acosta, Hayden Pearce, Ryan Carillo, Juan Rivera, Daniel Vega, Vincent Duarte, and Juan Carachure

200 Meter: Katie Fitzgerald, Jackie Arias, Azucena Valencia, Karla Rodriguez, Grace Amaya, Lexi Osso, Monique Mendoza, Kevin Vargas, Connor Walsh, Anthoni Lopez, Alex Parias, Raul Gonzalez, Ryan Carrillo, Gerardo Pedroza, Heriberto Gavilan, and Deandre Quinones

800 Meter: Cassidy Harrison, Susana Valdez, Cielo Cruz, Lexina McDowell, Stacy Lopez, David Acosta, Steve Puentes, Alexis Ensastegui, Trevor Pacheco, Nephtali Chavarria, Juan Rivera, Favricio Becerra, Jay Ensino, Yonatan Lopez, Isaac Bolanos, and  Hanson Alcala

Long Jump: Cassidy Harrison, Katie Fitzgerald, Natalie Hutchinson, Karla Rodriguez, Lexi Osso, Amy Bishop, Nathan Guyot, Mason Richards, Trevor Pacheco, Hayden Pearce, Giovanni Martella, Alex Parias, Deandre Quinones, Alexis Orozco, and Gabriel Marquina

High Jump: Cassidy Harrison, Lexina McDowell, Dafne Garduno, Connor Walsh, David Acosta, Mason Richards, Ryan Carrillo, Giovanni Martella, Alexis Orozco, and Daniel Vega

Shot Put: Natalie Hutchinson, Jackie Arias, Cielo Cruz, Haley Howard, Charnae Meloncon, Amy Bishop, Stacy Lopez, Monique Mendoza, David Rojas, Alexis Ensastegui, Trevor Pacheco, Raul Gonzalez, Jake Blinn, Jay Encino, Juan Carachure, and Andy Martinez

4 x 100 Relay: Katie Fitzgerald, Jackie Arias, Maria Gonzalez, Susanna Valdez, Cielo Cruz, Karla Rodriguez, Janette Madero, Charnae Meloncon, Haley Howard, Lexina McDowell, Lexi Osso, Trevor Pacheco, Mason Richards, Adrian Barajas, Anthoni Lopez, Alex Parais, Juan Rivera, Ryan Carrillo, Raul Gonzalez, Deandre Quinones, Gerardo Pedroza, Nico Ramirez, and Daniel Vega

We interviewed Amy Bishop and Gabriel Marquina. They`re both on the 8th grade team:

            Q: How do you like track so far?

            Amy: It`s fine.

            Gabriel: It`s fun because you get to be with your friends.

            Q: What are you doing?

            Amy: Shock Put, Long Jump, and the 100 Meter.

            Gabriel: Long Jump.

            Q: Do you enjoy what you do?

            Amy: Yes, because it`s not a lot of effort except the 100 Meter.

            Gabriel: Yes, it`s exciting because I get to practice with my friends.

            Q: Who are your friends in track?

            Amy: Almost everybody.

            Gabriel: Almost the whole track team because when you practice with your friends you get to support and pump each other up.

Be sure to come out and support our track team at Estancia High School as they take on our cross-town rivals: Costa Mesa on Monday May 19th. The meet starts at 4:00, so come on out! Good luck! Go Trojans!


NBA Playoffs

NBA Playoffs

Rachid Haddouch


                The NBA Playoffs are going to be very interesting. There are many teams doing good right know. The matchups are Indiana vs. Washington, Brooklyn vs. Miami, San Antonio vs. Portland, and Oklahoma City vs. Los Angeles Clippers. The winner will be crowned world champion and get to visit the White House.

I asked Sean Rutledge about who he thinks will win it for the East and West. He replied, “I think Brooklyn will win it for the south and Oklahoma for the west.” I also asked him what he think the best game will be. He said, “I think Oklahoma and Los Angeles Clippers because they are two very good teams that play good defense and offense.”

                Next I asked Jackson Winters who he think, will go to the finals. He said, “Indiana and Oklahoma.” I also asked him what would be a good match. He said, “San Antonio and Portland because they are both good teams and have really good point guards.”   

Getting Ready

Getting Ready

By: David Gomez & Luis Mendez


            Brazil, the host of this year’s World Cup, is preparing for the most exciting event in soccer history on June 12. They’re rebuilding more hotels and houses for the tourists who will go and watch the games, but most importantly they need to raise their security and police expectations so that terrorist won’t bomb any stadiums during soccer games. An estimated 500,000 soccer fans from all over the world will travel to Brazil to attend the world’s largest soccer event. The World Cup is going to be an easy target for terrorist and to the keep the games safe the security will need to improve. The world cup will be held in 12 different stadiums all over Brazil. FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) has high expectations for the 2014 World Cup, including the new Brazuca ball which is now the top selling soccer ball in many countries. The Brazuca ball is special because it has special panel on its surface and those panels support the goal line technology. Hopefully the World Cup is a big success once more.

7th Grade Soccer Team

7th Grade Soccer Team

By: Favricio Becerra and Daniel Hernandez


            This season is going to be one to remember. There are many good players on the team. We interviewed three forwards, Rafa Espinoza, Gerardo Leon, and Nathan Guyot. These players are looking forward to playing this season. We asked Rafa some questions about the season like what you think of your team. He replied, “We are good team we just need to work on some things.” We asked Gerardo what he thinks about his team he said, “We are a good team we need to work on communication.” We asked him how good the coach is. He said “Coach is good at coaching and teaching us the fundamentals of the game.” And last we interviewed Nathan Guyot and asked him about tryouts and how he felt about it. He replied, “I was a little nervous.” As you can see the 7th grade soccer team is going to be good this year and go support them March 6h against Dwyer at Dwyer Middle School at 5 P.M.    



By: Rose Luna & Jennifer Leon

                The seventh grade girls’ soccer team is feeling really confident about their team, and they feel they will win their first home game on February 27. Andrea Galvez and Alexis McCool think that the best player on the team is Getsemani Orozco as forward. They all think they will win against Mesa on March 20. They really like their coach “Alvin Salinas” because it looks like he knows what he’s doing. They’re really excited for their first game and hope all their friends go to see them play. Let’s go support those Trojans on their next game on March 4 against Ensign.        


8Th Grade Girls Soccer 2014

By: Stacy Lopez, Monique Mendoza


            This spring TeWinkle girls are working really hard to do good this season. TeWinkle has soccer every third quarter for both girls and boys. A lot of girls try out every year but unfortunately only seventeen get to proudly represent our school this year. Today we interviewed two TeWinkle girls who made the soccer team, Lexina McDowell and Izzy Cruz.

            We asked Izzy what she thinks about the team this year and she said, “I think it’s better than last year.” When we asked Lexina how many games she thinks the soccer team might win this year she said three at most. Our next question for them was if they were nervous at tryouts. Lexina responded, “No, because I knew I was going to make it ha-ha.” The final question we asked them was, “How did you feel when you made the team?” Izzy’s response was, “Really happy because I wanted to be on the team.” Lexina said, “Happy, because I want to represent TeWinkle.”

            Their first game was February 27 against CDM.

By: Ian Bolter


             The Ancient Olympic games were religious and athletic festivals held in Olympia, Greece. These Games featured mainly athletic but also combat  sports. It’s told that during the Games, all conflicts among the participating city-states were postponed until the Games were finished, but that was somewhat untrue. According to legend, it was Heracles who first called the Games "Olympic" and established the custom of holding them every four years. Heracles then  walked in a straight line for 200 steps which later became a unit of distance. The first known date for the Ancient Olympics is 776 BC, based on inscriptions, found at Olympia, listing the winners of a footrace held every four years starting in 776 BC. The Olympic Games were their highest in the 6th and 5th centuries BC, but then gradually declined in importance as the Romans gained power in Greece. There is no exact date to when the Games officially ended, the most commonly held date is 393 AD, when the emperor Theodosius I decreed that all pagan cults and practices be eliminated, or in 426 AD, when Theodosius II, ordered the destruction of all Greek temples.

             Evangelos Zappas, a wealthy Greek-Romanian philanthropist, first wrote to King Otto of Greece, in 1856, offering to fund a permanent revival of the Olympic Games. Zappas sponsored the first Olympic Games in 1859, which was held in an Athens city square. Zappas funded the restoration of the ancient Panathenaic Stadium so that it could host all future Olympic Games. The stadium hosted Olympics in 1870 and 1875. Thirty thousand spectators attended that Games in 1870, but  no official attendance records are available for the 1875 Games. The first Games held under the international olympic committee was hosted in the Panathenaic stadium in Athens in 1896. The Games brought together 14 nations and 241 athletes who competed in 43 events.

            The Winter Olympics was created to feature snow and ice sports that were logistically impossible to hold during the Summer Games. Figure skating (in 1908 and 1920) and ice hockey (in 1920) were first featured as Olympic events at the Summer Olympics. Although the same country was originally intended to host both the Winter and Summer Games in a given year, this idea was quickly abandoned. Beginning with the 1994 Games, the Winter Olympics were held every four years, two years after each Summer Olympics.

            From 241 participants representing 14 nations in 1896, the Games have grown to about 10,500 competitors from 204 nations at the 2012 Summer Olympics. The 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin were the first Games to be broadcast on television, though only to local audiences. The 1956 Winter Olympics were the first internationally televised Olympic Games. The Olympic rings, consists of five intertwined rings and represents the unity of the five inhabited continents (Africa, America, Asia, Oceania, Europe). Women were first allowed to compete at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris, but at the 1992 Summer Olympics thirty-five countries were still fielding all-male delegations. Charlotte Cooper of the United Kingdom, was the first woman tennis Olympic champion,  in the 1900 Games. The winners receive gold medals, which were solid gold until 1912, then made of gilded silver and now gold-plated silver. The runners-up receive silver medals and the third-place athletes are awarded bronze medals. The Olympics may mean a lot to you or they may not, the one reason why the Olympics should be remembered and cherished is because they bring our world together.


The Ultimate Match Up

The Ultimate Match Up

By: Rachid Haddouch and Bryan Vivar


            The Super Bowl for the 2013/2014 year is going to be exciting; it will be in the MetLife Stadium in New York on February 2nd. The teams will be the Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos.

            The Super Bowl began when the AFL Arena Football League met the NFL National Football League they agreed to make the two leagues merge for a world championship and later a coach named it the “Super Bowl”. The Super Bowl has taken place in the superdome in New Orleans to Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. The last time Denver won was Super Bowl XXXII which is Super Bowl 32 and now was in Super Bowl XLVIII or 48, the last time Seattle got to the Super Bowl was back in 2006 where they lost against the Steelers in Detroit. When you win the Super Bowl you get a big trophies and the title as the champions. This means a lot for a team because you are the champions and proven yourself the best team

The NFL Playoffs

The NFL Playoffs

By: Favricio Becerra and Jason Gomez


            The NFL playoffs are here, are you excited? Because I sure am! There are four teams left and those are Patriots, 49’ers, Seahawks, and the Broncos. On the AFC side were the Broncos vs. Patriots at Broncos home town Denver at 12:00 pm on 1/19/14. On the NFC side were the 49’ers vs. the Seahawks at the Seahawks home town Seattle at 3:30 pm on 1/19/14.

            We interviewed both Nathan Alamenderez and Ervin Mauga about the NFL playoffs. We asked them “Who do you think will win it all?” Nathan answered, “49’ers because they are boss and Colin Kapernick is a G.”  Ervin answered, “49’ers because they are my favorite team.”  We asked “who is your favorite player on the team?” Nathan answered, “My favorite players are Colin Kapernick and Frank Gore.” Ervin answered, “My favorite player is Anquan Boldin.

            Don’t miss the games! They will be really good and close games! At press time the Seahawks and the Broncos are going to the Super bowl.

TeWinkle Volleyball Trojans

TeWinkle Volleyball Trojans

By: Laurel DiLorenzo                                                                                                                                     


          At TeWinkle Middle School there are 15 girls on the 7th grader team. The 7th grade team coach is Coach Holts. The girls on the team are Charnea Meloncon, Haley Howard, Katie Fitzgerald, Andrea Campos, Tyana Aitofele, Saorise Mulroney, Tatiana Yagmen, Leslie Escorcia, Mackenzie McIntyre, Cosette Terriquez, Nessa Osso, Emily Sperling, Katelyn Chesemore, and Yamileth Bello. I interviewed Nessa Osso from the 7th grade girls volleyball team.

(Q) What do your uniforms look like?

(A)Black shorts, and a red numbered shirt.

(Q)When are the practices?

(A) Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

(Q)Who are you excited to play?

(A) Costa Mesa high school.

 (Q)  Why did you try out for our schools volley ball team?

(A) I thought it would be a new experience sceance I have played soccer all my life.

          For the eighth grade volleyball team the coach is Mr. Bacon, he is also the Twinkle Middle school security guard. The team mates for the 8th grade team are Lexina McDowell, Lydia Beth, Isabelle Cruz, Cielo Cruz, Taylor Sweet, Kalena Shepherd, Alyannah Palma, Kayla Fletcher, Grace Amaya, Amy Bishop, Lexi Osso, Brittany Walker, and Sienna Hume. I asked Lexina McDowell on the 8th grade team, some questions.

(Q) Are you excited to play for our school?

(A) Yes, because I played last year and I love it.

(Q) Why did you try out for the 8th grade volleyball team?

(A)I really enjoyed it last year and I loved the experience. 

(Q) Who is your coach and do you think that he or she will lead you guys to victory?

(A) Mr. Bacon, and yes he is a great coach and he all so helped the boys a lot this year with their team.



By: Ian Bolter


This year, the 7th and 8th grade volleyball teams, worked hard and practiced more than three times a week. The seventh grade team was coached by Coach Shaun, and Coach Emily. The seventh graders communicated loudly, hit the balls over, and did a great job at being a team. The eighth graders were coached by Mr.Bacon with help from Mrs.Hurst. The eighth graders were pushed, they had drills, they spent extra time, and most of all they had fun. One day in practice, the seventh graders beat the 8th graders!!!

The 7th graders played every game great, fell a little short. The 8th graders won two of the six games and were invited to go to the playoffs. Every game was fun, and it was a great experience.

Our parents, teachers, and guests helped out. Mr.Goodman who works at Hurley gave both the seventh graders and eighth graders our own custom Hurley shirts we will keep forever. Mrs.Laux took pictures of the games, and Mrs.Millam cheered us on at almost every game!!

 I asked Elias Garcia, an eighth grader on the volleyball team questions:

Q: Did you have fun playing this year?

A: Yes, and we improved.

Q: Have you played before?

A: Yes, last year.

Q: What was the best part?

A: The games we won were fun, and even the games we lost were fun.

Q: Will you play again?

A: Yes, I will tryout again.

Q: What did the coaches teach you?

A: They showed us to work hard and have fun.

Q: What will you miss?

A: Leaving school early and being at practice.

Passin Over To Basketball Season

Passin Over To Basketball Season

By: Izzy Cruz and Thoa Nguyen


         Basketball season is off to a great start. Both 7th and 8th grade won their first games of the season against Costa Mesa High School.

        We recently interviewed Taylor Sweet and Cielo Cruz who are on the 8th grade team. Both agreed that the 7th and 8th grade teams are very good, and that the season should go pretty well. The 7th grade basketball coach is Coach Oscar, and the 8th grade coaches are Coach Sweet and Coach Shepherd. Taylor and Cielo say they are all great coaches, and will take them to the finals. Taylor has one year of experience playing basketball, and she really likes it. This is Cielo’s first year playing basketball, but she’s always liked playing for fun. Cielo plays the position of point-guard, and Taylor plays middle.

        The 8th grade team won their first game 14-12 with double overtime, and the 7th grade won   33-8. Clearly the two teams are doing really well, and will bring home the championships

andy - favricio 005.jpg

By: Favricio Becerra & Jason Gomez


        Tewinkle’s 8th grade volleyball team got their first wins against their rivals Costa Mesa High School on October 2, 2013! We have interviewed Andy Martinez from the 8th grade volley ball team. The first question we asked him was “How was the game?” He answered, “The game was great. We put our hearts out there.” The second question we asked was, “What can your team improve on?” He answered, “Our team needs to work on our communication.” The last and final question we asked him was, “What were the final scores?” He answered, “The final scores were, the first half 11-25 the second half was 17-25.” 

        Don’t miss their next game here at Tewinkle vs. Dwyer, a team that they have never beaten, on the October 9, 2013. Wish them good luck! ;D


Running Contest

Running Contest

By: Armando Perez and Ulisses Ahumada


The track season is starting really soon where schools will meet on a track to compete against each other to find out which school has the fastest kids.  Students from all around the district will come to compete against each other.

Blanca Pacheco wants to join track and she says she will be pretty sure she will make it because she says she is the fastest runner in her PE class. Her best time in the mile is 8:47.

Lizbeth Vargas says she is trying out because she wants to lose weight, and she likes to run in the mornings.

Chris Rodriguez says he will be attending the tryouts to compete with other schools, for example his cousin is on the track team for Costa Mesa, and they want to challenge each other.

Eric Ozuna says he enjoys running and has made the track team this year. He is confident they will win this year.

All these great athletes will be trying out in track season. They all have their running shoes ready and would like to compete with other schools to find out which one has the fastest students.

Soccer Season!!!

Soccer Season!!!

BY: Stacy Lopez, Luis Barrera


This year’s soccer season has been very successful for Tewinkle. The eighth grade boys came home with a trophy and made everyone proud. We are very happy of our boys/girl soccer teams. We interviewed Isabelle Cruz, Andy Martinez, Sergio Lugo, and Karla Rodriguez from the soccer teams.           

We asked Andy how he felt about being undefeated and losing his last game and he answered, “I cried...But I didn’t cry because I was sad, I cried of frustration.”  Luis asked Izzy “How do you feel like when you’re out in the field?” and she said, “I feel butterflies in my stomach!” We were very excited about the boys winning so we asked Sergio, “How do you feel about winning the championship?” He answered with a big smile and said, “I feel great because we beat all the schools, showing we’re the top ones!!”  Karla Rodriguez was really fun to talk to. We asked her what she thought about the team, and if they got any closer she said, “We had lots of fun, and we would always talk about soccer! We definitely got closer.”

Oh Snap!!!


By: Lexina McDowell

April 5, 2013

In the middle of the Louisville verse Duke basketball game Kevin Ware, the starter and guard for Louisville, snapped his leg in a very gruesome injury. This happened at the Lucas Oil Stadium on March 31, 2013, Easter Sunday, and I am positive that nobody wanted to see what happen on a holiday. What happened was Kevin Ware jumped up to steal the ball from a Duke player and as he came down his leg snapped. It was so gross looking because the bone was six inches out of the skin. It is very unfortunate because he will not be returning this season. The great thing is that Louisville won the game 85 to 63 in honor of Kevin Ware.

The amazing part about this horrible event that happened was how brave and courageous Kevin Ware was. During the injury all he was saying was, “Win the game! Win the game!” Louisville ended up win the whole playoffs in honor of Kevin Ware! Ware is a very special young man for being so courageous in a very painful time.

7th Grade Soccer

7th Grade Soccer
Soccer 25 - Amy 061.jpg

Boys’ Soccer Season

By: Amy Bishop & Michelle Maldonado

March 3, 2013


Goal! Tewinkle’s soccer season has started once again. With Mrs. Paulus in charge of 8th grade, Mr. Dorian in charge of 7th grade, and experienced soccer players there’s no way Tewinkle can lose. We interviewed a couple of Tewinkle’s soccer players to see what they thought about the upcoming games. Also, we asked them who they thought the best players are and for the seventh grade team they said Andy Martinez. For the eighth grade team Jorge Sandoval and Daniel Segura were tied.


We asked seventh graders Bill Ayala, Eric Rosas, and Luis Aguierre about their team and the up-coming games.

Bill Ayala (Forward and Middle)

Question: What do you think the outcome of your first game will be and why?

Answer: “We’ll win because we play good.”

Question: What is the hardest part about your position?

Answer: “I guess taking on the defender.”

Eric Rosas (Forward)

Question: What do you think the outcome of the game will be and why?

Answer: “Win, of course, because we have a good team.”

Question: What is the hardest part about your position?

Answer: “Scoring goals is the hardest part.”

Luis Aguierre (Middle)

Question: What do you think the outcome of the season will be and why?

Answer: “We’ll be undefeated because I’m good.”

Question: What is the hardest part about your position?

Answer: “Getting tired from running and scoring goals is hard.”


We asked eighth graders Esai Morales, Pedro Gomez, and Michael Galvez about their team and the up-coming games.

Esai Morales (Forward)

Question: What do you think the outcome of the game will be and why?

Answer: “I think we’ll win because we have really good players.”

Question: What is the hardest part about your position?

Answer:  “All of the pressure would be the hardest part I guess.”

Pedro Gomez (Defense)

Question: What do you think the outcome of the game will be and why?

Answer: “Yeah, we’ll win if we use teamwork.”

Question: What is the hardest part about your position?

Answer: “Stopping the other team is the hardest part.”

Michael Galvez (Goalie)

Question: What is the hardest part about your position?

Answer: “Going out is the hardest part because then they can kick the ball in your face.”

Question: Is it harder to block a ball up in the corner or down on the ground?

Answer: “Up in the corner because when it’s on the ground I don’t feel a thing.”


So if you want to come and watch a game or two here’s the boys’ schedule.


March 5, 2013: Sowers vs. Tewinkle 3:00 p.m. Eighth Grade plays first

March 7, 2013: Corona Del Mar vs. Tewinkle 4:00 p.m. Seventh Grade plays first

March 12, 2013: Tewinkle vs. Dwyer 4:00 p.m. Eighth Grade plays first

March 14, 2013: Ensign vs. Tewinkle 4:00 p.m. Seventh Grade plays first

March 19, 2013:  Calvary vs. Tewinkle 3:30 p.m. ONLY Seventh Grade plays

March 21, 2013: Costa Mesa vs. Tewinkle 4:00 p.m. ONLY Seventh Grade plays

March 21, 2013: Costa Mesa vs. Tewinkle 7:00 p.m. Eight Grade at Estancia


History is Made!

 Sierra Grindstaff and Hannah Irvine

March 1, 2013

On February 23, 2013 history was made in the UFC. Liz “Girlrilla” Carmouche and Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey were the first women to fight on television in the UFC. The fight was held at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA. This wasn’t the first women’s fight ever though. There have been other fights, but this was the first one televised.

During the fight Rousey found herself in trouble for the first time as a MMA fighter when former U.S Marine, Carmouche, got on top of Rousey’s back and tried a neck crank for several seconds before Rousey escaped. Rousey defended her belt forcing Carmouche to tap out. Rousey improved her record, 7-0-0.

In 2011, president of the UFC, Dana White, said there wouldn’t be a women’s fight and if there was it wasn’t going to be that good. Now, after watching the fight he said “I know I was the one talking smack about women’s MMA. But I believed in the fight, and I believed in it to make it the main event.” Many people doubted that women cannot fight.  Many people say women cannot do a lot of things like play football, wrestling, or baseball. Women have proved them wrong. Anything a man can do a woman can better!

asb article pix 005.jpg

Crossing Over to Soccer Season

 By: Isabelle Cruz and Thoa Nguyen

March 5, 2013

TeWinkle 7th grade boys are looking good for their upcoming soccer season. We have interviewed two players from the team, Daniel Hernandez and Cobi White.

Daniel started playing because he liked watching soccer when he was little and thought it would be fun. He has been playing for 8 years and is now in the futbol club, Slammers FC. He plays left back, and his favorite thing to do is slide tackle people. The worst injury he has given is a kick in the stomach. His biggest fail was scoring an own goal. Daniel’s favorite pro team is Chivas, Guadalajara.

Cobi started playing because his dad wanted him to join soccer. He has been playing for 7 years and has just retired from Daniel’s club, Slammers FC. He plays left midfielder and likes shooting goals. The worst injury he’s given is kicking a ball to a player’s head. His favorite pro team is Real Madrid.

We have some talented players on this year’s team. Hopefully, the boys will have a successful season!

Lights, Camera, Blackout!!

Lauren Wagstaff


As many of you know, the Super Bowl experienced some major difficulties. Around the middle of the game after the halftime commercials and performance, a huge blackout occurred. This blackout lasted around 30 minutes, causing the players to delay the game. Although no one knows what really happened, many people have their own opinions. Sergio Reynas (gr.8) says it was probably just a technical difficulty, while Karina Catalino (gr.8) thinks it may have been more such as suspicious foul play. Not only did it spark interest as to what was going on. The players moved to the Locker rooms and the viewer’s sat in confusion. “I was actually really scared, especially for the players because I didn’t know how the incident would change the outcome of the game,” says Sergio Reynas.  All in all it was a very vexing addition to this year’s Super Bowl.

Super Bowl

Super Bowl

49ers vs. Ravens

By: Karina Catalano & Sergio Reyna

February 8, 2013                                                                                                        

On February 3rd the 47thSuper Bowl of the NFL was live. The Teams San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens went head to head to win playing in the New Orleans Stadium. With quarterbacks Joe Flacco on the Ravens and rookie Colin Kaepernick on the 49ers. This was the first Super Bowl to have the rare occurrence of coaches brother versus brother, John and Jim Harbaugh. The halftime show was lucky enough to have Beyonce perform singing songs such as Single Ladies, Love on Top, and Crazy in Love.                                                

Before the 3rd quarter a blackout occurs in the stadium which delayed the game for about half an hour. Finally; once the lights came back on, the 3rd quarter began. San Francisco got back in the game and started catching up to those Ravens! A new record was made at the 47th Super Bowl. Jacoby Jones gets the new kickoff return record of 109 yards. The quarter started with a 21-6 Baltimore lead to a 23-28 score. By the end of the fourth quarter the Baltimore won the game with a 34-31 score.

Spiking Out of the Season!

Spiking Out of the Season!

Spiking Out of the Season!


By Jennifer Espejo and Abby Flores

February  12, 2013

We interviewed the girls on the 8th Grade volleyball team to learn a little more about how this year went. We asked Danielle Cano, Jackie Chee, Brianne Cooke, Hannah Smith, Laruen Kaucher, and Madison Galitski. Other girls on the team that we did not get to interview are Blair Urmson, Izzy Morales, Carla Rodriguez, Ashley Olson, Karina Catalono, Sarah Tran, Delani Guyot, and Sierra Grindstaff.

Danielle says, “I think we improved a lot, like dramatically.” Hannah answered, “We worked good as a team on some games. In the [beginning] we weren’t working… some people didn’t work as a team, just on their own. Jackie said, “I’m so bummed that it’s over because I liked being busy and it was fun to push myself!” Madison added, “We started out bad, but we grew as a team and did a lot better.” Lauren told us, “It was really fun but we didn’t win any games!”

The girls also had advice for anyone who wants to try out for volleyball next year: “Be prepared for Coach O! It’s also very time consuming.” Danielle stated. “Instead of waiting for the someone else, just go for [the ball], no matter what.” Jackie said. “Work on your serves before you try out!” Madison advises. “Call the ball!” Answered Lauren. We think Brianne said it best: “Try your best and make sure you have fun!”

This year definitely was challenging for all the girls on the team. We asked them what they thought the best and worst parts of the year were. “The worst part was when our team kinda had a broke.” Revealed Julie. “We didn’t work well together, we kinda had a breakdown. The best was either our game against Ensign or Mesa.” Hannah told us, “The best game was our second to last, against Ensign. Our first game, against Corona Del Mar… no one had spirit. We didn’t work as a team and it sucked.” Even though there were some ups and downs, everyone seems to agree that they had a lot of fun and they improved a lot since the start of the season.

“My coach taught me everything! How to play the game, how to serve…!” Brianne exclaimed. When we asked the girls if they plan on joining volleyball in high school, we got some mixed answers. Hannah replied, “No, maybe track.” Jackie told us, “I’m definitely planning on joining in high school.” Lauren also says yes, “I did it in 7th, and I liked it, and I want to join it in Estancia.” Danielle and Brianne aren’t sure, saying, “Maybe. If I don’t do cheer.”

The record for this season was 7-25 at their worst, and 23-25 at their best. Even though they didn’t win any games, they grew as a team and tried their best.

Lance Armstrong Shocker

 Richard Flores & Madison Galitski



 Lance Armstrong, formerly one of the most beloved and respected athletes in the country has admitted to using performance enhancing steroids. In Armstrong’s first tell all interview with Oprah Winfrey, he openly admits to doping in his cycling career. Armstrong has been stripped of all his cycling titles including his seven wins in the Tour De France, the most televised cycling event in the world.  He has now been banned from ever competing in a cycling race. He has now lost the trust and respect of his fans and sponsers.  All around the world people are saying his accomplishments were all just one big lie, his life was a lie. Armstrong told talk-show host Oprah Winfrey in an interview that aired Thursday night, "I will spend the rest of my life trying to earn back trust and apologize to people.” But for now, it seems Armstrong's 'misfortune' is well deserved.


TeWinkle’s New Volleyball Season

By: Karina Catalano & Sergio Reyna


 Bump, set, spike! The girls’ volleyball season has started. With a new coach and better rotations TeWinkle has a much better chance at winning. We have interviewed a few players, to see what they think about the team. We also asked student here at TeWinkle named Stacy Lopez is she thinks TeWinkle will have a chance at winning any upcoming games. She replies “No, because the other teams we go up against are just so experienced and good.”

We asked Lexina McDowell, from the 7th grade volleyball team, a few questions.                    

Q: Why did you decide to try out for the team?                                                                        

A: “Because volleyball sounded fun”

Q: What position do you play?

A: “My main position is as setter”

Q: How is TeWinkle doing this season?

A: “We’re not doing very good, but I Believe we have a chance at winning still.

We asked Brianne Cooke, from the 8th grade volleyball team, a few questions.

Q: Why did you try out for the team?

A: “Because I was on the team last year and it was really fun”

Q: What position do you play?

A: “I mostly play outside hitter back row”

If you’re interested in the TeWinkle Volleyball team catch them at their next game on the 4th of February against Ensign. Go Tewinkle!               

Eighth Grade Guy’s Basketball

 By Stacy Lopez and Lauren Wagstaff


The guy’s basketball team has been doing very good this year. We interviewed some the students here at Tewinkle and these are some of their thoughts about the boys. When we asked Karina Catalano, Do you think the buys will win any upcoming games? she answered, “Yes, because I believe in Tewinkle.” On the other hand Luis Barrera thought “No, I don’t think they will win because they are not trying their hardest.”

“Kyle is the cutest one on the team!!!!” said Erik when asked who the cutest one on the team was. Luis also agreed that Kyle was the cutest one on the team. “Noah is the cutest one the team and the most skilled!” said Tania. When we asked other friends who they thought was the most skilled most of them said Jorge and Evan.

Many people have been going to the games this year to cheer the guys on. When we asked Lexina if she had gone to any games she said, “I’ve gone to one and I think it was pretty good for their first game.” Our special friend Karina also said, “Yes, I have, and I have lots of faith in them’

We asked for peoples opinion on who they thought was better the guy’s team or the girls’ basketball team? Some of their response were “Girls because they did better.” Our lovely, nice friend Luis said “They’re both the same <3” We think the guys are doing better this season.



The Basketball Teams


By: Alyssa Molina- McCool & Lauren Wagstaff

November 2, 2012

We interviewed the 7th and 8th grade basketball teams to see how they are doing this quarter. The coach of the 7th graders, said that this year the girls are not doing too well. His favorite thing about them is their willingness to learn. A thing the girls need to know and learn is, “Embrace each other, so they can play together as a team, don’t give up.”

We asked him why he decided to coach, he replied, “I have three daughters and have always loved sports. I started coaching my daughters, so I started coaching basketball.” He said their best game was against Sowers. They have lost all of their games so far. Their scores being: (The other teams’ score is first) Dwyer- 22 to 18. Ensign- 20 to 14. Costa Mesa- 15 to 2. Harbor Day- 28 to 8. Sowers- 20 to 6.

We also interviewed four of the 8th grade girls, Delani, Morgan, Maria, and Bella. We interviewed them at the same time, and surprisingly they all had the same answers. We asked them how they thought they were doing they said that they were doing good and getting better every game. They think their all-stars are Leilani and Delani, but of course Delani just thought it was Leilani. We also asked what their best game was. They replied, “When we were losing against Sowers and we came back and won.” They all joined basketball because: Maria wanted to try something new. Morgan and Delani said, “Basketball is my passion.” Bella: “I like basketball.” The thing they need to work on is shooting and teamwork. They also think they will beat everyone in the play-offs. They have won three of their games so far. With the scores of: (The other teams’ scores are first) Dwyer-30 to 10. Ensign- 20 to 15. Costa Mesa- 8 to 18. Harbor Day- Forfeited so they automatically won. Sowers- 18 to 20.

We hope that both grades will enter the play-offs and win the school that first place. We also wish them luck in their game against C.D.M (Corona Del Mar).  Go Girls, win us that championship! J

Track Finals

By: Wilmer Sanchez & Gaby Hernandez

June 4th, 2012

Congratulations to the track finalists on the TeWinkle track team!  They ended up having a good season with many of the finalists getting the top 3 spots in many events. With boys coming in second, behind Sowers, overall, our school did a pretty good job. The 7th grade boys came in 1st place, however the 8th graders did not do as well. The 7th grade girls did not do so well, but the 8th grade girls had a little better luck, coming in 5th place. The ones who did the best this season were the 7th grade boys, who came in 1st overall.

One of our students even beat a district record! Richard Flores beat the district record for the 100 meter sprint with a remarkable time of, 11.09 seconds! We interviewed Richard about his accomplishment.

We asked, “How did you feel coming into the finals?”

Richard responded, “I felt kind of nervous coming into the finals because I thought I might mess up the event I was in, but I actually did well. I even broke a district record for the 100 meter sprint.”

He also got 1st place in all the other events he participated in, the 100, 200, and the relay. Two other people that did really good in the finals were the two twins, Maya and Nefertiti Van Der Heever. Maya got 1st in the shot put with a distance of 35 feet and 7 inches. Her sister, Nefertiti, came right behind her in 2nd place with 32 feet and 8 ½ Inches. Another 8th grade girl who did good was Brandi White, who came in 2nd in the long jump.

There were many students from our school that did really good, not just in the finals, but in the whole track season. Good job to everyone who participated and hopefully we do good again next year.


Go Eagles!

By: Stephanie Chairez and Perla Fernandez



The week of April 23rd - May 1st Estancia’s incoming senior varsity cheerleaders and the coaches hosted cheer clinics for anyone who wanted to be in Estancia cheer next year. The clinics were held from 3:45 to 6:00 Monday-Thursday. During this time, the coaches taught the girls the dance routine and cheer which they will have to perform on tryout day, Wednesday May 2, 2012. During the tryout process, the girls had to perform the cheer and routine in a group of 4-5 people at a time and the coaches judged their performance. Then there was an interview session with one question each.


All the girls have worked very hard to perfect their routine for the judges to notice them and possibly make it to the team. Karina Hurtado, an 8th grader says, “I worked sooo hard to perfect all my moves. Even after the clinics, I was very tired, but I still practiced. I gave it 100% to try to impress the judges. I just hope they did notice me.”


Desiree Camacho tried out as well. She said “clinics were fun, I literally practiced 24/7! I gave it my all, yet now it’s up to the judges”.


Cindy Herrera said, “I didn’t sleep the day before tryouts because I was so nervous! However, I got called back to perform for the judges once again. I felt nervous, but also a bit relieved.  I have my fingers crossed that the judges noticed me.” All the girls tried their best to be noticed and possibly make it into the squad. The ones who made it were announced on the Estancia Cheer’s Facebook page or they were notified, by email/phone call. Congrats to those who made it, and for those who didn’t, your hard work was greatly appreciated, and there’s always next year!J


Real Madrid vs. Bayern Munich

By: Giovanni Mann and Cristian Garcia



Finally the first leg of the semifinal started with Real Madrid vs. Bayern Munich. Real Madrid played in Bayern Munich’s stadium on Wednesday April 17.  First half was very intense because Bayern scored the opening goal in the 17th minute on Real Madrid with the goal from Frank Ribery. After the first goal Real Madrid tried to come back with a counter attack, but the goal keeper Manuel Never denied the shot from Cristiano Ronaldo that had a lot of potential and power. Also Karim Benzema, the Real Madrid forward, took 10 shots, but the goal keeper easily blocked them and that was the end of the first half.


When the second half started, Real Madrid had possession for 65% of the time. Mezut Ozil scored the equalizer for Real Madrid. Both teams took so many shots, but they couldn’t score. Their fans, coaches, and players were all frustrated because both teams couldn’t score until Mario Gomez came in for Tomas Muller. In the 90th minute Bayern scored with the win of 2-1.


Track Tryouts

By: Arturo Juarez and Angel Guerrero


The track team is it for you? Although there are no cuts to make the track team, you still need to have a 2.0 or greater GPA (Grade Point Average) and no more than 1 U in citizenship. Unfortunately the first day of track tryouts there weren’t many people that joined, but the second day luckily there were a little bit more people. Hopefully later on more people join because we do need more people.


The first day, at the beginning we did stretches similar to the ones Mr. V/Ridell’s class do to warm up every day during P.E. Then we did a warm up lap on the track. Finally we did the 100m dash and some people got to practice for the long jump to finish the day.


The 2nd day we did our everyday stretches and warm up lap, then we did the 400(which is one lap and a straight on the track) and the long jump (we got one practice jump and then the actual one).


The third day, the only difference was we started to do our warm ups (which include butt kicks for one straight, then lunges at the curb, then backwards lunges halfway, after high knees at the end of the curb, lastly is sprinting the rest of the lap) then we did one set of suicides (which are when you set up cones on the soccer field and run back and forth, starting one side of the soccer field and ending on the other) because we ran out of time.

Trojans Settle for Second Place

By: Wilmer Sanchez & Gaby Hernandez

4/ 4/12 

After a good season, the 8th grade Trojans finally end with 4 wins, 1 tie, and 1 loss. Sadly, that loss was in the finals against Corona Del Mar. Earlier in the tournament, the Trojans had played CDM and tied 2-2, but playing them in the finals, there was a different outcome.


The first half was close, ending it with a score of 0-0. The first half was played well by both teams. Both took a few shots, but none scored. In the second half, things changed. The Trojans still played good, just not as well as in the first half. Some good plays were made by Maverick Robinson, Anthony Robles, and Kevin Pizzaro. Everyone played hard, but in the end, Corona came with the win of 4-0.


Overall, the Trojans had a good season, even though they had to settle for second place. The Trojans have come in 1st place many years, but I guess this year was a little different. Hopefully, next year’s Trojans will win again like the years before.  


Mariana Manilla


Who are the Anaheim Ducks? Well, you can say they are a type of duck, but they aren’t. They are a famous hockey team. In my opinion the Anaheim Ducks are awesome.  The mighty Anaheim Ducks have their own song when they make a goal. It’s a very unique kind of song, and it’s called “Bro Hymn”. The Anaheim Ducks head coach is Bruce Boundreau. Their head athletic trainer is Tim Clark. Also their amazing captain is Ryan Getzlaf.  Their captain has lead the Anaheim Ducks to many, many wins.

On February 29th the mighty Anaheim ducks played against the Sabres.  This time it wasn’t at the Honda Center. It was at the Sabres home. In a surprisingly shock they lost 2-0 making the Sabres the winners of the game. But last week the Ducks played against the Red Wings. In this exciting game the Anaheim Ducks won 6-0. Shockingly in the first period of the game it was a zero to zero. In the second period of the game the Ducks made 3 goals and the Red Wings tried to get the puck, but the Anaheim Ducks wouldn’t let them make a goal. Surprisingly the Ducks made another three goals. The mighty Anaheim Ducks won, and they still are mighty. The next game is going to be at the Honda Center on March 28, 2012 at 7:00 against the LA Kings, and we’ll see how it goes.

Champions For Life

By: Omar Gutierrrez and Daniel Perez



TeWinkle Middle School is known for their famous soccer team. They have won the most championships from the past 10 years and, one of the best teams of the district. According to Mr. Vetranio, former athletic director, TeWinkle’s 7th and 8th grade boys have gotten 1st place 4 times in the last 6 years since he’s been here, hopefully we can win another ten.


Last year both 7th and 8th grade boys won the championships against Corona Del Mar and Sowers. It added another win for TeWinkle. For 7th grade, it was one of hardest games against their toughest competitor, CDM. But, TeWinkle came on top with a win. 8th grade also had a tough game, but of course, won.

Soccer tryouts

Soccer tryouts

Mexico vs. Colombia

By: Rabago, Andres



Mexico vs. Colombia played a friendly game in The Sun Life Stadium in Miami on Wednesday, February 29th, 2012 at 5:00 O’clock Pacific. The stadium was full of fans like 51,000. The temperature was 75°F. When it started the Mexican team controlled the actions and looked really strong. Mexico had a lot of opportunities to make a goal.


In one opportunity Hernandez hit the ball, and it hit the post. Colombia started to pass the ball to the sides. Pabon hit the ball really hard to Ochoa, and he put it to the center where Falcao made the goal in the 35’ minute. Mexico tried really hard to control the game in the first 45 minutes. In the second half Mexico changed 3 players. Colombia kept the same players at the start of the second half. Then Colombia started playing stronger. Colombia passed the ball 6 or 7 times to the sides.


Perreira and Falcao passed the ball really fast where the Mexican defense looked really slow. Then Falcao passed the ball to Cuadrado and scored the second goal. The Mexican coach changed another 3 players to try to score. Colombian coach changed 2 players. The game stayed 2-0 and Colombia won.


Mexican team:

Ochoa, Salcido, Marquez, Moreno, Perez, Barrera, Zabala, Dos Santos, Guardado, Dos Santos, and Hernandez.


Colombian team:

Ospina, Armero, Perreira, Mosqueda, Zuniga, Sanchez, Ramirez, Rodriguez, Cuadrado, Falcao, and Pabon.

Girls 8th Grade Volleyball

Girls 8th Grade Volleyball

NBA Popular Teams

By: Kyle Hastings


At TeWinkle Middle School there are a lot of teens interested in NBA basketball. I did a poll to see what the teen’s favorite teams are.  I did the polls in rounds; the 1st with 28 teams, the 2nd with 10 teams, the 3rd with 4 teams, and the last with 2 teams.

In the first round the teens got to choose any team in the current NBA.  This round I selected the Publishing class and Mrs. Shannon’s 6 period class to choose the teams.

In the 2nd round the 10 teams that were selected were the Mavericks, Hawks, Magic, Clippers, Spurs, Celtics, Heat, Timberwolves, Lakers, and Bulls. The ASB elective class got to choose the winners of this round of the poll.


The 3rd round consisted of these 4 teams: Heat, Celtics, Lakers, and Bulls. The Advanced Band class and the students in the Pinney Lab at 4th period got to choose the last two teams.


Last, the only teams left in the last round were the Bulls and the Lakers. The AVID 4th period class got to choose the winner. The Bulls had a total of 7 votes, and the Lakers with 23 votes! The Lakers are the most popular team in the NBA at TeWinkle Middle School!!!!!!!


Basketball Preview

By: Adam White and Kevin Angeles



 Some people on the team are Connor Brown, Juan Lozada, Hector Gavailan, Adan Rodriguez, Jose Martinez, Nick Torres, Conrad O’Daily, and Anthony Beltran. We asked people from the basketball team on how they will do this season and some said they will do badly and some said well. Kevin Lopez said they will do better because the coaches have taught them well and the players have experience on the team. His opinion on who is the most useful player on the team is Hector because he is a fast, tall, and a good shooter. He thinks the best player is Anthony Beltran because he is the one who makes the most points. The first game was on January 12, 2012 against the team Corona Del Mar. Hopefully they will do well this season.

3x3 Soccer Championship

3x3 Soccer Championship

3x3 Soccer Championship

By: Gaby Hernandez & Wilmer Sanchez

November 21, 2011



TeWinkle has lunch sports and one of them is a 3 on 3 soccer tournament. This tournament just ended last week with the winners being O.C Manchester. The team consists of Cristopher Moya, Adan Rodriguez, and Konrad O’Daly, and Adrian Plazola as their substitute. They defeated team Neon, which consists of Luis Rosete, Anthony Robles, and Andy Ceja, in the 8th grade finals.  


The final score was close, being 1-0. Both teams played 3 games against each other. The final game was a tiebreaker game, with Adrian subbing in for Konrad for the last part, and Cristopher scoring the winning goal. Just like last year, their team won again.  


The next game is for O.C Manchester, is going to be against the teachers and staff.


Girls Basketball Championship

Girls Basketball Championship

8th Grade Basketball Finals


By: Adam White

Congratulations on 8th grade girls for trying their best and coming in 2nd place! They did well this season and in the final game they scored 38 to 18 against Corona Del Mar.

We asked a team members Sarai Cienfuegos and Anais if they did well this season, and they said yes because they made 2nd place. She said the team tried their best and also there were some beginner basketball players.  In their opinion Nefertiti and Maya Van Den Heever should be the MVP’s. We asked about the teams this year and they replied that some were easy, but Dwyer and Corona Del Mar were hard to play. They won all of their games except two.

Sarai’s best game was when she played the finals because it was exciting during and after the game. The best game for Anais was when she played against CDM before the finals because it was a really close game and they only lost by one point. The hardest game they both played was the championships because they knew their strategy and they lost by many points against Corona Del Mar.

Girls Basketball

Girls Basketball

Trojan Ladies 4-1 For Season so Far!

By: Gaby Hernandez & Wilmer Sanchez

October 28, 2011


 TeWinkle’s girls’ basketball team is 4-1 in the season so far! With only one loss so far on Tuesday, October 25, 2011 to Corona Del Mar. It was a really close game though, with a score of 27-26 points. In the latest game, the Trojan Ladies took a 24-21 victory over Ensign.


Coach Oscar had a point about Corona Del Mar being the most difficult to beat so far. We interviewed one of the players on the 8th grade team, Sarai Cienfuegos. The first thing that we asked is what she thinks the team did best on the latest game, she responded by saying that she thinks the teamwork was really good. I also asked her what she thinks the team should work on, and she said they need to work on communicating with each other more. When we asked her how she thinks the team will do for the rest of the season, she responded that she thinks they will get 1st in the season. She is confident about the team and has high expectations.


Hopefully, Sarai is right about the team, and we will win this season! Go TeWinkle Trojans!!!

Tewinkle Girl’s Basketball

Gaby Hernandez & Wilmer Sanchez

October 12, 2011


 “The 7th Grade girl’s basketball team have a good chance to win 1st place, but the 8th grade girl’s I think have a better chance of winning.” says Oscar, the TeWinkle girl’s basketball coach. TeWinkle 8th grade girls won their last game, 37 to 5 against Costa Mesa High School and the 7th grade girls also won 15 to 11.


We interviewed Oscar and asked for his opinion about the two teams. We asked Oscar which team he thought would be the most difficult team to defeat this year, and he responded saying, “It’s usually Corona Del Mar and Ensign that are the most difficult to beat.”


While sitting with him in his office we also asked him what was special about our girl’s team this year. He said, “The girls are really united and really work as a team together.”


We also asked him what the teams needed to work on the most, and he replied saying, “The girls need to work on their defense skills and also on offense, shooting.” We also asked him who he thought would be the MVP for the two teams and he said, “It is too early to tell. The MVP is someone who is not just a good player but also motivates the team and who has good sportsmanship.”


The next two games the girls have to play are against Dwyer (October 18th) and Sowers (October 20th). Both games are going to be home games. TeWinkle Girl’s basketball team are both good teams and in our opinion mostly likely to win the season.