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December 2014

Mad Scientist Project
Mad Scientist Project

By: Jerry Gama


            8th grade students at TeWinkle Middle School have an assignment that’s worth 200 points. Students in Mrs. Shannon’s class have from October to December 9th. First you choose an experiment that is safe you may have to go outside for a few experiments. , and then you have to get approved by Mrs. Shannon, if your experiment gets approved you can start testing your experiment. If you present before Halloween you get 20 points extra credit. If you present before Thanksgiving you get 10 points extra credit. The purpose of the assignment is to learn more about all types of science.

I asked Nessa Osso, What did you think of the Mad Scientist experiment and what was your experiment?

  • A: I thought it was fun it was a great was to learn new things. My experiment was the gummy bear project.

 I asked David Arroyo What did you think of the Mad Scientist experiment and what was your experiment?

  • A: My project was launching a cork rocket. It wasn’t an easy project; you had to come up with ideas before someone else did.

 I asked Ashley Escobedo, What did you think of the Mad Scientist experiment and what was your experiment?

          A: I think it was very fun my experiment was globs in a bottle

I Can't Breathe
I Can't Breathe

By: Hayden Sprinkle


            Police brutality is one of many problems in America. Because of this injustice, public protests have erupted across the world. This has been happening for quite some time, but recent events have caused some of the largest riots. Namely, in Ferguson, Missouri, where an 18-year old black man was shot and killed by white police officer, Darren Wilson (28). Another incident occurred on the streets of Staten Island when NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo attempted to detain a young black man, Eric Garner. Garner was put into an illegal chokehold by Pantaleo, and was eventually killed, all the while shouting, “I can’t breathe!” The entire incident was caught on video, and brought before a jury.

            The Medical Examiner ruled the death as a homicide, but when brought to court, the jury decided that no indictment was to be made. The same went for the shooting case of Michael Brown. The fact that nothing was to be done about these blatant acts of police brutality appalled thousands, causing riots and protests worldwide. Cars and shops were being burned and looted, people being arrested, and freeways shut down. Protesters marched while rhythmically chanting, “I can’t breathe!” There were major protests and marches in cities such as Ferguson, Boston, Los Angeles, New York, and London. While some may see this as anarchy, others see it as wonderful acts of heroism. That is for you to decide. Ask yourself this: Where do you stand on police brutality, and would you be brave enough to venture out and march in the streets for what you think is right?


by Maya Martinez and Jennifer Lopez


            Digi Tour is known for being the first world social media tour .On December 5th 2014 Digi Tour took place at the Anaheim Grove Center. Many social media superstars attended the event. Digi Tour is an event where many famous viners & youtubers meet and perform to their fans. For example, a fellow student at Tewinkle Middle School, Jennifer Lopez attended this event. She arrived at the Anaheim Grove around three o’clock and waited till 5 or 6 o’clock till it started. She was in the VIP section. Jennifer met the following people Twainz, Andrea Russet, Ricky Dillon, Ricky Thompson, Jack&Jack, Collin Keys, Sam Pottorff, etc. The beginning of the show began with Twainz, Andrea Russet, Ricky Thompson and Trevor Moran dancing to Jingle Bell Rock. Then they went on with people singing and dancing. The first Digi tour took place on April 8, 2011 it’s a tour that goes all over the world. Twaimz is a very funny Viner who is in love with llamas. Collin Keys is a magician who went on tour with Demi Lovato and was on America’s Got Talent. Trevor Moran is a 16 year old songwriter and singer he auditioned for the X Factor in 2012 some of his recent songs are Echo, Xiat, and the Dark Side. Going to Digi Tour was one of the best experiences ever.

Avid Fieldtrip
Avid Fieldtrip

By: Kenia Rocha & April Garcia


            Avid students went on a field trip to University of California, Irvine on Friday December 12th during periods 1-4. Students were allowed to go if they had good behavior and good grades. They explored the UCI campus by having a tour.  The reason why they went to UCI was because the 7th grade Avid class is exploring different colleges that they could potentially attend in the future.

            Then April and I interviewed some people to get the inside scoop. We asked Fernando Lopez, “What did you learn on the UCI fieldtrip?” He said, “A guy found a smaller particle then an atom.” We then asked Athena Nova, “What was your favorite part of the field trip?” She replied, “I liked the tour and getting to have Starbucks”. Lastly, we also asked Cooper Clemence, “What his favorite part of the UCI fieldtrip was?” He said, “I liked the tour, the bookstore, and lunch.’’


American/Japanese Anime
American/Japanese Anime

By Gwen Dover

             Ever heard of “Dragon Ball Z” or “Narouto” or “Pokémon” “Death Note” how about “Bayblade”? Well you would think it American but that’s false info. All are Japanese dubs or translated to English. Many Japanese animes are dubbed, even many you don’t know like “Attack on Titan” or “Black Butler”. The thing you may not know is there are more Japanese Animes than American Animes. What is the first TV network that shows cartoons, Cartoon Network is probably what you thought, Adult Swim comes on at night; it shows many animes that are very well known and not really known. Most cartoon people watch are American animes, it’s hard to tell the difference between American and Japanese animes but big difference; the language. Also most animes are based on a manga graphic novel.

The Tradition of Hanukkah
The Tradition of Hanukkah

 By: Carrizal Perez and Kevin Totozin


            Hanukkah is a Jewish tradition usually celebrated before December 25. It was celebrated to honor the miracle of the oil that lasted eight days in the Holy Temple in the 2nd century B.C.E. The candle that was used to light other candles is known as the Shamash. Hanukkah, which means “dedication” in Hebrew, begins on the 25th of Kislev on the Hebrew calendar and usually falls on November or December. They blessed the candles and sing festive songs. On Hanukkah, people eat food that is deep fried in oil, as a reminder of the miracle of the oil, some of the foods they eat are potato pancakes, jelly filled doughnuts, and a five spice applesauce. The game that is usually played is called the Dreidel. The Dreidel is a spinning top that shows four Hebrew letters in which the phrases stand for, “A Great Miracle Happened Here”. This year in 2014, the event will begin on Tuesday December 16 through Wednesday December 24. Hanukkah is also a time of giving and receiving gifts and presents, and the gifts were often given each night on the days of the celebration.

The Trojans Spirit Day/Dance
The Trojans Spirit Day/Dance

By: Citlalle Gonzalez and Sheyni Bravo


            Friday December 5th was the winter wonderland dance / spirit day at TeWinkle for the Trojans. The winter wonderland dance was held in Boswell hall and the dance tickets were 2$ dollars at the accounting office. Students could only attend if they had good citizenship. ASB organized the whole dance they are the ones who made it possible to have the dance.  That same day was spirit day students were to wear red and white.

We interviewed ASB teacher Ms.Tolzda

Q: How long does it take to plan the school dance and how do you guys do it?

A: It takes about 1 month and we start by brainstorming and doing some research. Also we reflect back to the last dance.

Q: Why does ASB organize a school dance?

A: Well we do it for the kids to have a fun place to hang out and show school spirit.

Next we interviewed ASB student 8th grader Hayden Pearce

Q: Was it fun working the photo booth?

A: Yeah, it was. I thought everybody was in to it.

Q: Did a lot of people come to the dance compared to the last one.

A: A lot of people came to this one then the other.

Then we interviewed a 8th grader student who attend the dance Claudia Arce.

Q: Did you enjoy the dance?

A: At first nobody was dancing then people started getting comfortable then the dance was fun.

Q: Was this your first time attending to the school dance?

A: This year it was I’m excited for the next one.

Guys Basketball
Guys Basketball

By: Claudia Arce & Brianna De la Cruz

            This year’s guy’s basketball team consists of thirteen 8th grade players and twelve 7th grade players. There first game is on the 18th of December at TeWinkle Middle school. They will be playing against Dwyer. We have interviewed 8th graders, Adrian Barajas and David Palacios. We also interviewed a 7th grader, Nathan Pacheco.

            Q: What is your opinion about Basketball?

            Adrian: I like how it’s a physical sport and I know I have to work hard.

            Q: What position do you play?

Adrian: Shooting guard

            Q: What do you like about Basketball?

            David: I like Basketball because it’s fun and entertaining.

            Q: What is your best position in Basketball?

            David: My best position is shooting guard.

            Q: What do you like about basketball?

            Nathan: I like the feeling when I make a basket, because it makes me feel like a baller.

            Q: What do you do best while playing basketball?

            Nathan: I think shooting the ball in the basket.

Holiday Shopping
Holiday Shopping

By: Aileen Tototzin & Perla Guerrero

            Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving Day in the United States. It has been regarded as the beginning of Christmas shopping in the U.S.A. Some stores that have the best deals are Walmart, Target, and Kohl’s. Small Business Saturday is an American shopping holiday held on the Saturday after U.S. Thanksgiving during one of the busiest shopping periods at the year. Cyber Monday is the Monday following Thanksgiving promoted by online retailers as a day for exceptional bargains.  If you are looking for clothes, shoes and beauty cyber Monday has the best deals. If you are looking for a laptop or any electronic devices Black Friday has the best deals. Did you know that Black Friday was organic back then retailers didn’t fabricate the day shoppers turned it into a retail holiday?

The History of New Years
The History of New Years

By: David Gomez


            How do we know when a new year actually starts? Before we began celebrating the New Years on the 1st of January, the Romans dated March 1st as New Year’s Day. The Roman Calendar only had ten months. Septem is Latin for "seven," octo is "eight," novem is "nine," and decem is "ten." The earliest known New Year’s celebration was dated back before 2000 B.C. Many different traditions and they eat many different foods while counting down. For example Spaniards eat grapes while counting down. Since 1902 the biggest New Years celebration is in Times Square, New York City, NY. 

            Many people prefer news year’s right before Christmas so they can have more time to relax and be with their family. For students Winter Break is the longest break of the school year. Also many people call the December the month of love because they have more time to be with their loved ones and to share the spirit of Christmas and the joy of beginning of New Year.

Girl On Fire!
Girl On Fire!

By: Nessa Osso and Leilani Frias

Dec.12, 2014

    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part:1, an amazing two hour movie starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Sam Claflin, (etc) and directed by Francis Lawrence, officially came out in all theatres on Nov. 21, 2014. It is an action movie with a plot revolving around a young girl by the name of Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence) who decides to represent that which is the living embodiment of the Mockingjay, a symbol of freedom and rebellion against the notoriously tyrannical Capitol. She is in District 13 transferred from her Hunger Games arena. She came from District 12 in her last movie, Catching Fire,

We interviewed Melia Kenneth and Antonio Padilla on what their thoughts were on the movie:

Melia Kenneth’s Interview:

Q: On a scale through 1 to 10 how much did you like the movie?

A: “10”

Q: Favorite Part?

A:”When Katniss was singing The Hanging Tree.”

Q: Did you like it better than any other HG sequels?

A: “I liked Catching Fire better.”

Q: Favorite character?

A: “Finnick”


Antonio Padilla’s Interview:

Q: On a scale through 1 to 10 how much did you like the movie?

A:”9 3/4“

Q: Favorite Part?

A: “When they were making the videos.” (District 13 had to make videos to convince the other Districts to rebel against the capitol to, over throw the capitol.)

Q: Did you like it better than any other HG sequels?

A: “I liked Catching Fire better.”

Q: Favorite character?

A: “Gale”

Trojan Volleyball
Trojan Volleyball

By: Laurel Dilorenzo and Sara Waltrip


            Every year Tewinkle Middle School has a volleyball team for both eighth graders and seventh graders. They have one coach for each team. The seventh grader team coach is Mr. Juan and the eighth team coach is Mr. Bacon.

On the seventh grade team there are 12 girls and they are

 Pamela Cabezaz,

Daniela Garcia,

Emily Diaz,

Christine Pineda,

Melia Kenneth,

Jennifer Araiza,

Desiree Mendoza,

Julianna Balducci,

Keanny Avila,

Isabella Rosado,

Sydni White

Daysie Hernandez.

On the eighth grade team we have:

Leslie Escorial,

Katie Fitzgerald,

Mackenzie McIntyre,

Cosette Terriquez

Katelyn Chesemore,

Nesso Osso,

Dayana Martinez,

Yamileth Bello,

Andrea Campos,

Natalie Ayala,

Valerie Ruiz

Bianca Vidal.

            It was very hard for Mr. Bacon and Mr.jaun to eliminate girls from each cut, but they had too.53 girls tried out for the eighth grade team on the week of November 17 2014. The seventh grade team cut twenty girls on the week of November 19.

            We asked Katie Fitzgerald who is on the eighth grade team. Why did you want to join the team? “I wanted to join because it is a fun sport.”

            We asked Melia Kenneth who is in the seventh grade, How do you feel when you’re going to be playing your first game? “I will fell nervous but also excited because our team is awesome!”


By: Ryan Carrillo & Ulises Abundis

            Christmas is a well-known holiday loved by pretty much everybody. According to a study from Google, America’s favorite holiday happens to be Christmas. Christmas first began on December 25, 354 AD. We celebrate Christmas because of Jesus’ birth, but no one really knows when Jesus was actually born. Also, everyone has heard about Santa Claus! The man that comes to your house and gives you all your presents! Santa Claus originally was Saint Bishop Nicholas, who assisted those that were needy and suffering by giving them his own riches or “presents,” which is what today’s Santa Claus does too. 

            The first interviewed was 8th Grader Katelyn Chesemore, her answer was, “Presents, are everyones favorite part.” Secondly we asked 7th grader Kenny Ensastegui, and he answered, “[I like to] stay in with my family, see my sister, get presents, and be happy.” And finally we interviewed 8th grader Gerardo Leon Camberos, and he answered, “Presents and being with family.” Thank you, and have a great Christmas!