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March 2015

OCFCA Night of Champions

FCA Night of Champions

By: Ulises Abundis and Jeremy Gardner

            The Fellowship of Christian Athletes Night of Champions (FCA Night Of Champions) is a yearly event that occurs at Mariner’s Church in Irvine. At the event, there is free In-N-Out Burger, popcorn, and snow cones. There was also an inflatable boxing ring and an obstacle course. Graffiti artists demonstrated their work using spray paint. There were guest speakers who came from the San Diego Chargers, UFC, USC girls’ soccer, and a local pastor who told religious stories. The athletes all talked about how their experience with God helped them get to where they are. We interviewed people about the night.

Question: What are you looking forward to at the FCA Night of Champions?

Answer: “I’m looking forward to the In-N-Out, boxing ring, and obstacle course.” – Bryan Martinez.

Some students were unsure of the Night of Champions, and had questions about the event.

Question: Are you going to the FCA Night of Champions?

Answer: “What is that?”

The event was a lot of fun and we hope that we see you there next time.


Pie chart of favorite places in california

Favorite hangout Places in California

By: Noemi Hernandez and Jessica Espinoza

            California is filled with lots of great hangout places. We thought it was a good idea to ask our school Tewinkle middle school what is their favorite hangout place in California. We tallied what they said and we came up with a graph that shows the most popular places in California. Most of these are the top favorite places and only one was the least favorite place to go. The most popular places were Starbucks they have really amazing drinks. For example, a lot of people like the passion tea lemonade sweetened and the Carmel Frappuccino is delicious. The other favorite place was in-n-out a lot of people like to order animal style fries with extra spread, and grilled cheese burger. Some people like to order it with grilled onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and pickles. The third most popular place was forever 21 the majority of the girls like to shop there. Also, the place that students like the least was the laundry matt. The students like that the least because you just sit there, wait until your done finishing washing your clothes.    

St. Patrick’s Day

By: Carlos Carrizal Perez and Kevin Tototzin

March 12, 2015

            Have you ever wondered about the history behind St. Patrick’s Day? St. Patrick’s Day is a day where people wear green. It’s known as the feast of St. Patrick. This tradition is celebrated on March 17 to remember him as a priest. He was born in Ireland in 387 A.D. When he was about 7 years old, St. Patrick was kidnapped to become a slave. He was slave for many years until one day he had escaped to have freedom and to be a priest at a church. He used the Shamrock as a sign of Christianity. The Shamrock represented Ireland and the faith he gave to all his people. The Four leaf clover represented full of luck, respect, and health. Then one day the people that kidnapped St. Patrick found him and beat him to death on March 17.  People celebrate this holiday every year on March 17 to remember the day St. Patrick passed away. The color for St. Patrick’s Day use to be a blue color but then the color green became associated since the color of the shamrock is green.


Four leaf clover

The Four Leaf Clover

By: Jake Alai


  The four leaf clover.  Is it lucky? Some people strongly believe it is.  What do you think?  For hundreds of years St. Patrick’s Day and the four leaf clover have had a great history.  The odds of finding a four leaf clover are 1 in 10,000.  It is very rare to find a four leaf clover.  St. Patrick was a saint who was famous for driving all of the snakes out of Ireland.  I interviewed a few students to find their opinion on the four leaf clover.

Jake Blinn Says:

Q: Have you ever found a four leaf clover?

A: “Yes, it was a great moment.”

Q:Did you do anything special when you found the clover?

A: “Yes I showed it to my mom and put it in a flower pot for good luck.”

Q: Was it a long journey finding this clover?

A: “Yes, it was a painstaking 3 hours.”

    Q: Do you plan to look for a clover on St. Patrick’s Day?

    A: “Yes, I plan to spend a long time.  Wish me luck!”


Jake Blinn really has a plan.  We asked one more student on his thoughts of the four leaf clover.

Nathan Pacheco:

Q: Do you believe that the four leaf clover is lucky?

A: “Yes.”

Q: Have you ever found one?

A: “No, but I want to.”

Q: Do you have any special St. Patrick’s Day traditions?

A: “Wear green and eat green food.”

I hoped everyone had a great St. Patrick’s Day. And don’t forget to look for a four leaf clover!



weekend love


By: Brianna De la Cruz

            I have been interviewing 8th graders about what they do on their weekends. I learned what they do and how they spend their weekends when school is over. Most 8th graders stay home and relax or go somewhere with their friends and families.  

 First, I interviewed Angel Morales.

Q: Where do you like to go on a weekend?

A: I like to go to Panini; it’s a good place to eat!

Next, I interviewed Karla Rodriguez.

Q: What is your favorite part about the weekend?

A: My favorite part is when I get to meet up with my friends.

Then, I interviewed Hezekiah Bailey.

Q: Does your weekend go by fast?

A: Yes, I feel like it goes by fast, most of the time.

Last, I interviewed Mia Komarnicki.

Q: Do you spend most of your time with you friends during the weekend?

A: Sometimes, because I’m busy doing other stuff.

Sharp International

Tewinkle’s cheer competition team!

By: Laurel DiLorenzo

             Tewinkle Middle School cheer started on November 7, 2015. Thirty wonderfully talented girls are on the Trojan team. Some great news came! Tewinkle held try outs for the competition team in the of, the week of February 9-13 at 9:30 in the morning. Only 13 girls made the team and only the girls that were on the Tewinkle cheer team could tryouts  to make the competition team. The coaches that held this were coach Ymi and coach Jermaine Ymi is also the head cheer coach at Estancia! Remember thirty girls on the team originally and more than half of the girls didn’t make it. They were all great and tried their best. The practicing at  7:45 in the gym to get  ready and prepare to learn more cheers and dances for the competition. The  cheer competition team girls will perform on Saturday April 25 at Azusd Pacific University. The list of girls that made the team are: Cassidy Harrison, Laurel DiLorenzo, Diana Camacho, Giselle Hernendez, Jackie Olivares, Karina Renteria, Leliana Frias, Letica Mondragon, Melissa Huber, Natalie Hutchinson, Yamen Levy, Isabella Rosado, Leyna Luu, Presilla Rojas, Zoe Anaya, and Danielle Riedel .Try outs can be very intimidating  and stressful but, everyone is so proud of them, keep up the great work girls!

           I interviewed one of the girls on the Tewinkle Middle School competition cheer team  .Who is in the seventh grade her name is Leyna Luu. Are you getting nervous for the competition team? “Yes, there were a lot of great girls that tried out.” How do you feel about waking up earlier for competition?”I felt fine about it because I enjoy waking up earlier.” Do you have anyone in your family that encourage you to try out for the competition team? “Yes, I have five relatives in cheer who are my cousins and they encouraged me!”



By Aileen Tototzin

            The library purchases their books from variety of places ex: when they need the latest books they buy the books from Barnes and Nobles. Most of the fiction books are from a company called Perma-bound or Bound to stay Bound. The library has audio books, regular books, eBooks, books on nooks, and books on the IPad. Every year the library does an inventory, which means that they scan books, and then they look at the conditions they are in, if it need repair, replaced, or moved. All books that are too old or damaged for the library are sent to the district warehouse and sold to a book company. The Tewinkle library hours are 8-10 am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and 9:10-4:30 am on Wednesday. There are library helpers that shelf books, work the front desk, and help with everything; they are Kevin Tototzin, Noah Will, and Ceidy Gonzalez, Chandler Fisher, Sarah Reich, Isabella Rosado, Dillan Keane, Mason Nakada, Ben Evans, Natalie Grindstaff, Daniel Perez and Kevin Henry.   

Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes Handwritten

 By Jennifer Lopez and Maya Martinez

Shawn Mendes is a 16 year old Canadian singer. He makes 6 second singing videos on the app called vine. He started gaining his fame on a tour called Magcon and making YouTube videos. Shawn has been on TV many times also has been on tour with Taylor swift, Nick Jonas and more. Shawn’s first album titled Handwritten just came out in February, some songs that were in the album were “Little too much,” “Life of the Party,” and many more. Shawn Mendes is a name you’ll probably be hearing in the future. 



By: Hazel Vences

            Do you still believe in leprechauns? Well, a leprechaun is a type of Irish fairy. They wear red and green coats. The word leprechaun is derived from an Irish word leprechauns defined by Patrick Dinneen. Leprechauns actually wore red not green. They richly lance with gold. Leprechauns are no taller than a small child. They store away all their coins in a hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Leprechauns seem like fascinating creatures.          

Shamrock shakes

Shamrock Shakes

By Citlalle Gonzalez and Claudia Arce

            We went around the school interviewing people about the shamrock shakes from McDonald's and got their opinions on it. The Shamrock Shake is a seasonal green-dyed mint flavored shake sold at McDonald's during March to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. The Shamrock Shake was introduced in 1970. And since its introduction the shake has sold over 60 million. But shamrock shakes weren’t sold nationally until 2012.

First we interviewed Isai Martinez

Q: What would you rate the shamrock shake?

A: I would rate the shake a 7.

Next we interviewed Hayden Pearce

Q: Would you recommend the shake to a friend?

A: Well it’s not healthy so no.

The next day we interviewed Mia Komarnicki

Q: What kind of size of shamrock shake would you get?

A: Small because a medium is too big and a large has too much sugar!

soccer game

7th Grade Boys Soccer

By: Betsy Cruz and April Garcia

            Soccer Season is here and we couldn’t be more exited. This year on the soccer team we have Anthony Lopez, Gabriel  Valladarez, Josue Patino, Fernando Lopez, Ben Nava, Samuel Garcia, Kevin Gutierez , Aaron Neri, and so many more! Come and support the boys soccer team.