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January 2015

Jack Wesley Laux

The Birth of Jack Wesley Laux

By: David Gomez and Claudia Arce

           Have you heard the news yet? Our Language Arts/Publications teacher, Mrs. Laux, recently gave birth to a baby boy!  She gave birth at Hoag hospital at 9:00 pm on January 8. Jack was born 6 pounds and 10 ounces. We interviewed a couple of teachers as well as students and these are their thoughts. 

Q: How do you feel about Mrs. Laux leaving campus?

A: “I’m sad that she’s leaving because I’ll miss having her on campus.” ~Miss. Motamed

Q: If you had a baby what would you name it?

A: “If I had a baby, I’d name him DavidJ”~Miss. Motamed

Q: What are your thoughts on Mrs. Laux having a baby? ~Miss. Deckert

            A: “I’m excited for her to become a mom and I’m lucky to have the opportunity to fill in for her while she’s gone.”

Q: If you were to have a baby, what would you name him?

            A: “If I had a baby boy, I would name him Landon.” ~ Miss Deckert

Q: If you were to have a baby, what would you name it?

            A: “It would be Hamilton Kelly Millam.”  ~Miss. Millam

Justin Bieber

By: Jennifer & Maya                  

           Justin Drew Bieber is a Canadian pop singer. He was born on March 1, 1994 in London Canada. He is 20 years old. In his early life he always had an interest in music. He started making covers of many songs and posted them on YouTube. Usher discovered him on YouTube and introduced him to his manager Scooter Braun which then led him to record his first album My World which broke records and instantly made his popularity grow. He has had many accomplishments threw his years. On accomplishment Justin had was getting signed by Calvin Klein as their new model this year. Justin is a nice human being who every year or month donates millions of dollars to the Make A Wish Foundation and charities. Many people see him as an ignorant person but the truth is he’s not he likes helping others .He has made many mistakes throughout the year. Justin Drew Bieber isn’t perfect his looks are but he makes mistakes.

super bowl xlix

NFL Playoffs

By: Ulises Abundis and Jake Alai  

           Do you watch football? The playoffs are happening and the Super Bowl is coming up, the most exciting football game of the season. There are currently four teams left in the playoffs: New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts, Green Bay Packers, and the Seattle Seahawks. So get ready to watch the playoffs to see which two teams will get to face off each other in the Super Bowl. In the National Football Conference Championship, it is the Green Bay Packers against the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Seattle Seahawks. In the American Football Conference Championship, the New England Patriots face off against the Indianapolis Colts. Here are a few people that we asked which team they will be supporting. We asked 8th grader Miles Kaucher about which team they are rooting for to the Super Bowl.

Miles Kaucher: Do you watch the NFL?

“When I can, yes.”

Do you have a favorite team that you support?

“Yes, the Seahawks.”

Why do you like that team?

“I’m from Seattle.”

Are you going to watch the Super Bowl?

“Yes, and go Seahawks!”

We hope everyone watches the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 1st and the NFL Playoffs. Enjoy the games, from Tewinkle Middle School. 


New year

New Years

By: Laurel DiLorenzo and Nessa Osso

           Every new year’s people have a different resolution. But do you ever go through with it? Did you know that 90 percent of people don’t go through with their new year’s resolution? The reason why is because your mind is set on your everyday activities that you do. For example, a job, school, kids, the list is endless. Then you forget about about your resolution and try to set it aside and comeback to it later. You get so used to this path, that you completely forget what your plan was for the new year and never did it. The list of New Year resolutions can be many different things; such as, losing weight, exercising more, getting better grades, becoming more responsible, or even raising money for charity! Nessa and I interviewed people. The first person was Ceidy Gonzalez. And the second person was Melvin Ventura.

            We asked Ceidy Gonzalezm, What is your New Years Resolution? And why? She answered back with saying, To be better in school because my grades are not so well right now, but I can get them up!”

            We interviewed Melvin Ventura, what did you do this New Years? Did you spend time with friends and family? What do you do as a tradition on New Years? “I spent time with family in the Philippines. And my tradition I do every year is, just hang out with my family.”

            The real question you should ask yourself is. Have I ever made a New Year’s resolution? And have I ever said that, I’m going to go through with it this year. Well if that was you and you haven’t gone through with it, get started! Like they say, “It’s a New Year, new me! So, let’s get started and make 2015 a great fabulous year!


Flight 8501

Flight 8501

         By:  Brandon Peck

           AirAsia flight 8501 disappeared on 12-27-14.  The flight was scheduled to land in Singapore and took off in Indonesia.  The Plane officially lost communication around 7:30p.m.  Unlike Malaysia’s flight 370, the flight recorders (or black boxes) were recovered. Although, it is unclear what is on those recorders.  The U.S.A and Singapore have done most of the searching.

There aren’t many things being done to prevent an event like this from occurring again. They are still using out of date tracking systems in most planes.  There are no plans of changing the issue at all.  155 passengers.  No survivors.  There are only 155 families left grieving.  Yet after two almost identical situations, no change at all?



Sailpr Gutzler and family

The Survivor

           By: Noemi & Aileen

           Sailor Gutzler, a seven year old girl who survived an air plane crash near Kentucky Lake.  She nearly walked mile dense woods to get help. She hoped that her parents, sister, and cousin might have somewhere survived. Sailor Gutzler suffered a broken bone, she was bleeding really badly from her knees, and she was bare foot with one sock only. The girl tried lighting a glow or torch stick to help illuminate her way out of the dense woods where the plane crashed but the stick failed to light. The girl walked about 15-20 minutes towards a light coming from the home of Larry Wilkins, who called 911. The girl was dressed in shorts and a short sleeve despite the temperature being 38 degrees. The family was headed to their hometown of Nashville, Illinois but instead crashed near Kentucky Lake from vacation at Florida at the time. Gutzlers parents, Marty ,48, and his wife Kimberly, 46, her sister Piper,9, and her cousin Sierra wilder ,14, were all killed in the air plane crash, luckily Sailor survived and is safe now.        

Boys Basketball

           By: Betsy Cruz and April Garcia

           Marvin Harry, Samuel Garcia, Marcos Laxamana, Myles White, Kaden Zacchetti, Damien Lambert, Luis Duran, Brandon Peck, Joseph Palmblade, Arthur Bishop, Nathan Pardoen, Nathan Pacheco, and Gannon Griffen are on the 7th grade basketball team, they are coached by Oscar. They’ve had about 5 games and have done a great on the team.

We asked Samuel Garcia,” What is your position on the team?” “Point Guard.”

Good Luck, Boys!


Los Tres Reyes Magos

By: Carlos Carrizal and Kevin Tototzin

           People gather every year on January 6th to honor the tradition of Los Tres Reyes Magos. The three kings Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar were sent from King Herod to visit Mary and Jose to see the child Jesus has been born. They were told to report back to King Herod so he can honor the baby as the son of God. People gather together to eat sweet bread called “La Rosca” also known as the king’s bread. To honor the tradition, a few baby Jesus figurines are hidden within the bread. Whoever gets the bread that has the figure will receive good luck and will have to prepare food on the Day of the Candles on February 2, which is, another tradition when people go around the neighborhood singing and afterwards eat at the person’s house who had to make food. The bread is baked round as an allusion to the king’s crown. The three wise men found Jesus by following a star across the desert for twelve days carrying gifts of gold to the child. This tradition is celebrated across the U.S and Mexico. 

            This is what 7th graders Miriam Arriaga, Christina Morales, and Jonathan Mendez had to say:

Question: Who do you celebrate with?

Christina M.: “I celebrate with family.”

Question: What do you like about the tradition?

Miriam A.: “Getting presents.”

Question: Did you ever have to make Tamales when you got the figurine?

Jonathan M.: “Yes, and it was hard work making a lot.”

Tewinkle students

Opinions about 8th grade

By: Citlalle Gonzalez and Brianna De La Cruz

            On January 9th we went around the school campus interviewing only 8th graders because we were curious to know what their opinions about 8th grade and what they were going to do after the left TeWinkle.

First we interviewed Anahy Dominguez.

Q: Where are you going next year for high school and why?

A: I am going to Estancia because I have cousins that go there and it’s also closer to my house.

Second we interviewed Arlene Mondragon.

Q: Who is your favorite 8th grade teacher and why?

A: Mrs. Washington because I had her for 2 years and she has it made it easier for me.

Q: How does it feel being an 8th grader?

A: It’s really the same thing as being a 7th grader just more matured.

Next we interviewed Diana Camacho.

Q: Are you excited for promotion?

A: Yea!!

Last but not least we interviewed Pedro Curiel.

Q: Are you going to miss TeWinkle when you leave?

A:Yes because I had a lot of fun and the teachers are great.


Martin Luther King Jr.

By: Ryan Carrillo & Jeremy Gardner

             Martin Luther King Jr. is a man who gave a speech about African American freedom, but was an African American himself and had been through all the tough times as everyone else. Martin’s most famous speech was called, “I Have a Dream.” Martin gave his speech on August 28, 1963. The black men and woman back in the 1960s used to have very little rights. They used to have to give everything up to the white men and women. Martin was the one who helped start the fixing  of racial problems and helped America come together as one. We interviewed a couple of TeWinkle Students.

Q: What has Martin Luther King Jr. done to help you?

A: “I don’t know much, but I know he helped America.” -Cooper Clemence

Q: What has Martin Luther King Jr. done to help you?

A: “He has inspired me to become a better person.” -Diana Rendon

Q: What has Martin Luther King Jr. done to help you?

A: “He helped America be complete.” -Nathan Pacheco.

Q: Do you like what Martin Luther did? Why?

A: “I love what Martin Luther King Jr. did because I don’t feel satisfied with African Americans."

Periodic table of elements

Element Baby Project

 By: Jerry Gama

           The 8th grade students in Mrs. Shannon’s science class have one month to complete the element baby project. First the students get a random element from the periodic table of elements. And you have to keep your element a secret. Students have to write a report about their element and its due on January 16. Then, on January 21, is the symbol test where students have to memorize elements symbols. The day after the symbols test January 22 is the atomic party. The atomic party is the students dress up as their element and they make a sign and people try to guess what their element is, students can give out prizes who guessed what their element is.

            I interviewed 8th graders: Steve Puentes, Nessa Osso, Noah Widenmann, Alan Molina, Chris Gutierrez, and Horacio Berruecos. And asked them this question: What do you like about the element baby project?

  • Steve: I like that we are going to be able to represent our element in the atomic party.

  • Nessa: I like that you keep your element a secret.

  • Noah: I like that I get to study about a new element.

  • Alan: I like the atomic party, and the presentations.

  • Chris: I like that you can learn new things about your element.

  • Horacio: It’s nice to find out new things about an element.


7th grade girls vollyball

Girls Volleyball

By: Jessica Espinoza and Hazel Vences

           Girls Volleyball started 2 weeks ago. 7th Grade girls’ volleyball hasn’t won any games yet. The girls on the team are Juliana B., Jennifer A., Melia k., Sydni W., Emily D,. Daisy h., Desiree M., Daniela G., Keanny A., and Isabella R.,

We asked Melia Kenneth and Jennifer Ariza some questions which are:

                Do you enjoy the sport?

            (Melia) “Yes I thought I could learn it and help Twinkle’s team.” 

             Why do you enjoy the sport?

             (Melia) “Because it’s really challenging.”

             Are the practices hard?

             (Jennifer) “No they’re fun.”

              Is this your first time playing?

            (Jennifer) “No I played in the summer.”

Unfortunately they haven’t won any games yet but that doesn’t let them down. They will keep practicing and trying hard.