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February 2016

By: Jack Nash

           Dribble, shoot, and score here we go into the lives of the seventh grade basketball team. First off on the team we have Coach Monique Sweet and Jason Sweet. Now for the players Ben Sparks, Jack Nash, Franklin DeBrun, Laurencio Andres, Elijah Montoya, Robert Castillo, Harrison Jones, Luke Hutchinson, Nathan Sweet, all great basketball players. 
           The seventh grade has won one game against Sowers. It was a very good game. I interviewed the team captain Ben Sparks and when I asked him who stands out on the team he said Robert. He said Robert stands out because he is the tallest on the team and whenever he makes a shot he dabbs. When I asked him if he is nervous when he plays he says no he tries not to think about it and keep his mind on the game. When he found out he made the team he was very proud of himself and very happy. Also I interview Ryan and Larry. When I asked who stands out they both said Ben Sparks because he is the team captain and our best ball handler. In practice they all said they work on defense because the coach tells them that defense wins championships.
          Now for the eighth grade team. Coach Oscar and Damien Lambert, Luis Durhan, Nathan Pacheco Jake Covey, Benjamin Nova, Myles Witte, Joseph Palmblade, Marvin Harry, Gannon Griffen, Kadden Zachetti, Ulices Cortez, and Marco Laxamana. 
They have won two games and they were tough fought hard games. When I interviewed Miles and Joey they had the exact same words. They said Jake stands out. He is our star center. When I asked Jake who stands out he said Miles probably because he is one of their best on the team and shoots very good. When I asked them how was it when you found out you made the team how did it feel they said very proud and very happy.

Colleges Visit TeWinkle Middle School
Colleges Visit TeWinkle Middle School


By: AnnaMarie Gallagher

February 2nd 2016


            On January 28th local colleges Coastline Community College, Vanguard University, and Orange Coast Community College visited TeWinkle Middle School. Each third period class went to Boswell Hall and see each college. I talked to Keany Juarez, Michelle Rios, and Malia Kenneth.


What college do you want to go to the ones that visited or a different college?

Malia: I either want to go to USC or Brown University I have my eye on both

Michael: I am still thinking on which college I want to go to but I might want to go to UCLA.

Keany: I am not quite sure yet.


What do you want to be when you are older?

Malia: I want to be either a lawyer or an architect

Keany: I am thinking of becoming a doctor.

Michael: I want to be a veterinarian maybe.


By: Samantha Sanchez and Yuridia Zarate

January 27, 2016


            On Friday, January 22nd the Aussie’s came from Hopper’s Crossing Secondary College. Throughout their two weeks in California they made a short stop at our school.  Every year Australia brings a group of kids to exchange. . . while some Australians are here some of Estancias kids are in Australia. The Australians were here to show us about the differences and similarities about their education. They had a presentation ready for our 2nd period Avid class. Here are some of the people from Avid and ASB that we interviewed.


Samantha Alcala-

Q: Did you learn anything new?

A: Yes, I did, I learned that high school is considered college and college is like a university. Its really confusing. Also that their GPA doesn’t matter when they go to college.


Patrick VanDorn-

Q: What did you like the most about the Australian’s presentation?

A: I liked learning about their difference between colleges, and how the Australians learn in a different way compared to our type of learning.


Anika Scott-

Q: Did you learn anything new?

A: I learned their year round schedules and how their season's work. And lastly that their most popular sport is lacrosse.


Joey Palmblade-

Q: What did you like the most during the Australian visit?

A: I liked when we were talking about our hobbies and what we do on our spare time.


Winter Sports Rally
Winter Sports Rally

By: Jessica Espinoza and April Scott


February 5, 2016



         Come and participate at the Winter Sports Rally at lunch on February 9th.  ASB will be hosting the rally to honor our winter athletic teams. It will be outside in front of Boswell Hall for anyone to come and watch to support the basketball teams, the volleyball teams, and the cross country teams. There will be games to play and prizes to win. Eat your lunch and then come check out our wonderful teams. The Trojan cheerleaders will come to cheer on the athletic teams and to perform to show you guys what they know. Come watch, and Let's Go Trojans!!!


All About Mr. McCormack
All About Mr. McCormack

By: Perla Guerrero & Aileen Tototzin

February 1, 2016


            Mr. McCormack, he is an eighth grade history teacher that is new to TeWinkle Middle School. He teaches periods 2-6 in classroom 41. We asked Mr. McCormack, Flor Aguilar and Jovany Ruiz a few questions.


Q: How do you feel about Mr. McCormack?

Flor: “I think he is a great teacher, you can learn a lot from him.”

Jovany: “Cool guy, cool teacher, fun sometimes.”


Q: Do you like being in his class?

Flor: “Yes, one of my favorite subjects is history.”

Jovany: “Yeah, it's a fun class.”



Q: Do you like teaching here at TeWinkle?

A: “Yeah, I like working with all my students and even though things don't go smoothly I feel like a family.”


Q: How do you like your classes?

A: “I love my classes and my students have taught me a lot?”


Q: Why did you decide to come to TeWinkle?

A: “I grew up around the area and there was a job open and I decided to take it.”


Q: What do you like to do outside of TeWinkle?

A: “I play basketball, I run sometimes, read and write, and hang out with my family and cook.”


Q: Are you married, and do you have any children?

A: “Yes, I am married and I have a 6 month old little boy named Barret.”


Q: What were you doing before you came to Tewinkle?

A: “I was teaching and I was in college working on my masters.”


By: Alyssa McKnight and Carmen Abac


           Valentine’s Day is coming up and love is in the air! Once a year on February 14th, couples, friends, and family celebrate Valentine's Day. This event is celebrated all over the world but it is not a public holiday in most of them. Valentine’s day began as a celebration of a Christian St. named Valentinus. In Rome, people were forbidden to marry or perform weddings in some areas. The soldier, Valentinus went against the law and attempted to marry and he got imprisoned. He said goodbye to his family with the quote, “Your Valentine,” to show his love and gratification to them. That is how Valentine’s Day was thought to be started, but now we celebrate this holiday by giving gifts to our loved ones.

           Some people are longing for a Valentine, but some just give candy away for fun. Adrian Gonzalez says, “ I usually help my mom writing all the class candy grams for my younger siblings. I love doing this because it makes the students happy, and they can go home with candy.” This truly shows love for Valentine’s Day!

           As most of you know, Valentine’s Day gifts are mostly candy boxes and roses but some people think a little crazy. Talulah Prow says, “If I had a Valentine, I would want the huge $200 Teddy Bear from Costco from him.” Well, all I have to say is I hope Talulah finds a rich boyfriend.

           Not only just gifts, Valentine’s Day also comes with traditions. Gisel Dominguez says, “I usually go to my friend's house, and we trade candy that we got from school every year.” Emma Goodman celebrates Valentine’s Day differently. She says, “I sit on my couch and watch Spongebob in the dark all alone on Valentine’s Day.”

          Also, at Tewinkle we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day by selling Valentine’s day themed pink lemonade and candy grams in honor of February 14th. Overall, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many different ways.


A New Staff Member!
A New Staff Member!

By: Adlai Silva



           We’ve already had some new staff members this year. One of them is Mrs. Beck, our new Administrative Assistant/Office Manager!  She says that she got this job at November 10th, 2015. She used to work at California Elementary School as the office administrator. But now she has become a TeWinkle Trojan!

           I asked her how does she feel to be in TeWinkle and she responded, “I like it very much. I think the students are nice and polite and the staff is welcoming.” I also asked her how did she feel leaving California and coming to TeWinkle and she responded,  “I had mixed emotions. I was at California for 9 years so I’d knew I miss it but I was excited, too.” When I ask her how did she get this job, she said, “TeWinkle had an opening for a job and I took 3 tests, typing, computer, and written. Then I got 2 interviews and I got the job.”

           I also asked her some personal questions, too! When I asked her what does she do in her spare time she said, “I like to read and I like to paint. And traveling.” I also asked her what other jobs did she have in the past, she said, “I used to work at U.C. Irvine and I was a Conference Coordinator for 10 years. I also run my own flower business.” I also asked her what is her favorite thing about TeWinkle and she said, “I like the Team Spirit. Everyone really works together in a friendly way.”

           Having Mrs. Beck at TeWinkle is a very good thing. She says that she enjoys to be in TeWinkle and she says that she’ll stay here for a long time, or is hoping to. So Mrs. Beck will most likely want to stay here for a while and is now a Tewinkle Trojan.


I Have a Dream
I Have a Dream

By: Carlos Carrizal and Kevin Tototzin

February 1, 2016


           Martin Luther King Jr. was born in January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. It all started when he was a young boy; there was racism and people being separated by skin color. Life wasn’t fair at that time because the whites had more opportunities than the black. The white people didn’t allow their children to play with the other people of different race. Martin Luther King didn’t like the people separated for people's skin color.

           When he was an adult he gave a speech known as the “I have a dream speech” in which he talks about wanting the white people to be friends with the black. His speech made people stop criticizing each other and become friends and win more freedom for the black people. He was a leader in the African American civil rights. Then Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated by James Ray.

           Today we still remember Martin Luther King Jr. He has his own day so he can be remembered for the hard work he has done.


Big Test of the Semester
Big Test of the Semester

By: Mariela Arellano and Brianna Rios


           Test week is here, finals are officially here. After the semester is over the finals come and progress reports are in. The finals are on 27-29 of January. On the 30th of January the whole school does not have school!!Some ways to study is using flash cards, getting a textbook and notes and their are many more more thing used to pass test.  Each final is 2 hours long for each subject. In the finals the school only has two periods each day's.

           Study week is here and Perla Silva is ready and prepared.


    Q- “Did you study for your finals?”

    A- “Yes,I studied all day to pass.”


    Q- “Are you excited?”

    A- “ No, because I’m nervous.”


    Q- “Are you nervous for any subject in particular?”

    A- “Science because I struggle in the subject.”


    Q- “Do you like that we will be in class for 2 hours?”

    A- “No,because I get bored easily.”


           Q- “Do you think it will influence your grades?”

    A- “Yes, because it is a test that can make you pass or fail.”


           Publication's staff hopes everyone does great in their semester finals. This is the show off the the skills that you have.  Study hard because it is a test for your grade. Have great finals Trojans.


By: Jackie Duran and Mayreli Abundis



Watch the TeWinkle Trojan cheerleaders cheer on our sport teams to victory! They practice every Wednesday after school at Boswell Hall. The purpose why cheerleaders cheer is to  motivate the players to make a basket, goal, touchdown, etc.


First we interviewed 8th grade, Karina Ortega,

Q: Why did you join cheer?

A: I joined cheer because it’s fun and you meet new people. You also have something to do after school.


Q: What are you learning right now?

A: We’re working on a new dance for the pep rally.


Q: Did you join cheer last year?

A: Yes


Q: What were your expectations when you first join cheer?

A: I thought we we’re going to have more practice


We also asked 7th grade, Leslie Banos,

Q: How many cheers did you learned so far?

A: We’ve learned about  7 or 8 cheers.


Q: Do you enjoy cheer?

A: Yes, because I like to motivate people and it’s fun just being with your friends.


Q: Is it hard to learn all these cheers at once?

A: It depends what types of cheers, some are hard but that’s why we practice.


Q: What was the one thing you were looking forward to?

A: I was looking forward to getting our uniforms.

    A special thank you to Mrs.Cognigni and Yumi for teaching our Trojan cheerleaders. We hope that you will teach next year.

Whoopie! Cross Country!
Whoopie! Cross Country!

By:Marycarmen Perez and Natalia Araiza




Cross country is such an athletic sport and it improves people's running skills. Many people try out for this sport and they really enjoy it. You can meet new friends by trying out this sport and realizing that you had fun by exercising. Meets are on Thursdays after school, so get your running shoes ready. The average number of  kids that are on the team is about 17. During the meets they run and exercise, that is hard work, but still worth it.


People interviewed: Carter Gruebel


Q: Is it fun?

A: Yeah its pretty fun.


Q: Why do you enjoy this sport?

A: It challenges you.


Q: How much time do you run often?

A: I do three miles.


Q: How do you keep yourself use to running?

A: I run weekly, constantly.


Q:Why did you want to join cross country?

A: I really have a passion to run.


Q: What schools do you compete against?

A: Costa Mesa, Ensign, CDM, Sowers, Dwyer, and Harbor Day.


Q: What is the race?

A: The race is 1.5 miles


New Trojan Babies
New Trojan Babies

By: Daysie Hernandez and Emma Joyce

February 3rd, 2016


            Starting a fresh new year with new Trojan babies, Mr.Bacon’s wife, Mrs.Laux, Mrs. Tarantino, and Mr.McFadden’s wife are having a little bundle of joy coming to their house soon!! We got a chance to interview them individually to be more engaged on how it feels to know you’re having a baby on the way!


We chose to interview Mr.Bacon first.

“Do you have a name yet for your baby boy?”

“Yes, Alijah Douglas Bacon!”

“When is the due date?”

“The due date is June 29.”

“Are you planning to have any more Trojan babies?”

“No, we were planning with sticking to two!”


Now we have Mr.McFadden.

“Do you have your name already for your baby?”

“Yes I do, but it's a surprise”

“What is the gender of your baby? And what is the due date?”

“A girl, she will be delivered on March 20th”

“Are you excited on the arrival of your first child?”

“Yes! I’m so excited”

“Who would you like to be in the delivery room?”

“My wife and I, of course!”

“Are you planning to have more kids in the future?”

“[Yes]! So far,can’t wait.”    


Now for Mrs. Tarantino.

“Who do you want to be in the delivery room?”

“Me, my husband, one of my sisters, and of course the doctors!”

“How many weeks are you in your pregnancy?”
“I am 15 weeks!”

“Do you know the gender of your baby? Is it a surprise?

“Not a surprise, it’s a girl, and I already have a 2 year old boy who will be a big brother. So I’m super excited.”


            Too bad all these Trojan babies are being delivered during the summer! Can’t wait to see them next year. Wishing all of you the best with your new babies!


Arturo Mercado the singer!!
Arturo Mercado the singer!!

By: Gisel Garcia and Noemi Hernandez



              People enjoy singing when they are out and having fun or when they are alone and listening to music, but out of those people very few of them put videos of themselves actually singing on social media. Arturo Mercado is one of those very few people. Many people know him for being a good teammate out on the field but some may know him for his stunning voice.

            Arturo is a freshman at Estancia High School who has an awesome talent of singing. Arturo is very confident in himself because putting videos of yourself singing for a lot of people to see takes a lot of courage and confidence.

            He is very well known to sing very good by people at his friends at school and well of course by the people who follow him on Instagram,, snapchat, ext.. The type of music he is most known for singing is Spanish songs, for example songs by Ariel Camacho, Calibre 50, and well there's more.Now many famous artist have become famous thanks to the Internet. Take Justin Bieber as an example he was discovered by Scooter on YouTube. What if Arturo is next? Many people seem to put videos of themselves singing out in the open for others to see because they want to be recognized for their talents

            What we are trying to say is that we believe Arturo can share his talent and not just with his followers, friends, family, etc.. We mean with everybody. Make him known, but we need others to listen to his singing so follow him on instagram/  @arturo_1017   and then share his videos and that is how people will get to know him. #makehimknown


Presidents Week
Presidents Week

by: Leslie Hernandez, and Hazel Vences



            President's recess starts February 15 through February 19. President's recess lasts one week. We celebrate president’s week because of George Washington's birthday it is also celebrated as a memory of Abraham Lincoln. George Washington was the first president of the United States. Abraham Lincoln was the 14 president of the United States. We decided to interview Melia Kenneth, Cristina Morales, and Nathan Flores about what they think about president’s week and what they will be doing during president’s week.


Q: What will you be doing on presidents week? - Nathan Flores

A- “I will be playing on my PS4.”


Q: Are you looking forward to president’s week? Why? - Melia Kenneth

A- “Yes so I can sleep and watch Netflix and catch up with my shows.”


Q: Why do you like president’s week? - Cristina Morales

A- “I like it because we get to spend more time with our friends.”

By: Ingrid Benitez and Cindy Barcenas



           February is the month of love. On February in the moth that most boys and girls start falling in love. Relationships are about trust and love. We asked Noemi Magana and Oscar Flores about their relationship.


Q: Why do you guys like each other?

A: Oscar said: she’s beautiful

A: Noemi said : he’s handsome

Q: How did you guys meet?

A: Kinder

Q: What is the trait you value most?

A: Everything about each other

Q: How long have you guys been dating?

A: A month

Q; What does it feel to love each other?

A: It feels good


By: Mariah Rosales and Lizeth Fuentes-Carrillo



     Play the music DJ, HIT IT! Have you been to the Black Light Dance? It was on Friday, January 15. The dance was at Tewinkle Middle School at Boswell Hall. The theme of the Black Light Dance was neon. The neon made everything glow in the dark which made some things bright. A lot of people got their face painted with Glow Paint. The lights made the neon and white bright which attracted the people's attention. There were so many people at the dance, dancing to the music. The music they danced to were Pop and Mexican music. Here’s  what Sierra Butterfas, Breana Figueroa Perez, and Brian Lopez had to say.



Q: Who did you dance with?

A: With my friends.

Q: Did you wear neon or white for the dance?

A: I was wearing neon green.

Q: What was your favorite song at the dance?

A: Bailando!



Q: What did you like about the dance?

A: I like that it was glow in the dark and the neon.

Q: What was your favorite song at the dance?

A: The Whip/Nae Nae!

Q: Who went to the dance with you?

A: My cousin Mariah.



Q: Are you going to the next dance?

A: Yes, I am gonna go.

Q:Why did you go to the dance?

A: Because I wanna lit up, I just wanna turn it up.

Q:What did you think about the dance?

A: It was great, it was entertaining.

People really like the dance that it was a big hit. People can’t wait until the next. We hope that people come to the next dance and party.