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March 2016

By: Ingrid Benitez & Cindy Barcenas



            The Trojan lunch is a lunch for students nominated by their teacher. It’s March 25 during lunch in the gym. These students were nominated because the teacher thought they were the ones that showed R.E.A.P. We interview David Perez, Noah Gniffke, and Mr. Flores.

Q: What do you do to get a Trojan pride?

A:  David said he got good grades and pays attention in class.

Q: Do you set a goal?

A: Noah said no he just tries his best.

 Q: Who gets the Trojan pride?

A: Mr. Flores said teachers pick two students

Q: What is it for?

A: Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another and accountability.

The Oscars

By: Noemi Hernandez & Jessica Espinoza

March 7, 2016


            On February 28th, 2016 the Oscars were held at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, Los Angles. The Oscars is to honor the best 2015 films, actors, actresses, etc. The Oscars had started at 5:30 pm pts. / 8:30 pm Est. This year the host of the Oscars was Chris Rock an An American actor, comedian, director, writer, and producer. In the beginning monologue Chris Rock said something about racisms being criticized. Also Chris Rocks daughters and girl scouts sold cookies to the Oscars audience and they raised $165,243.

             In addition the best actress was Bri Larson for “Room”; the best director was Alejandra Gonzalez for “The Relevant,” best picture was “Spotlight” directed by Tom McCarthy, the best animated film was “Inside Out” directed by Pete Doctor.  The best actor was Leonardo Dicaprio for “The Relevant.”

St.Patrick's day
St.Patrick's day

By: AnnaMarie Gallagher



St.Patrick’s Day is always with leprechauns, lucky clovers, chocolate coins, and the color green. St. Patrick’s Day is a culture and a religious celebration.


AnnMarie: What do you do on St.Patrick’s Day?

Leslie Banos: I have a party with friends and hang out.


AnnaMarie: What is your favorite part of St.Patrick’s Day?

Leslie Banos: wearing green and pinching the people who don't wear green.


AnnaMarie: Do you do anything special on St.Patrick’s Day with your family?

Leslie Banos: No I just usually have a party with friends and family.


AnnaMarie: Is it your favorite holiday?

Leslie Banos: I don’t really have a favorite holiday but it's one of my favorite holidays.


AnnaMarie: When is St.Patrick’s Day?

Leslie Banos: Tt's on Thursday March 17


AnnaMarie: Where do you go on St.Patrick's Day?

Leslie Banos: I usually just stay home or go to a friends house.


Leap Year
Leap Year

By: Perla Guerrero & Aileen Tototzin



            Leap year, a year that has 365 days including February 29. It occurs once every 4 years. The reason we have leap day is to make sure that the sun coincides with the Earth’s movement around the sun. If  we wouldn't have added that extra day (February 29) every four years we would have lost 24 days in the last 100 years. The people who get affected by leap year are those who were born on February 29th.  They are the most affected because they had to face a number of everyday hassles.


We interviewed Lesley Hernandez.

Q: Is leap year anything special to you?

A:”It feels different because we get an extra day in the year.”

Apple v.s. F.B.I.
Apple v.s. F.B.I.

By: Carlos Carrizal and Kevin Tototzin

March 7, 2016

            On December 2, 2015, there was a terrorist attack in San Bernardino. The U.S. government wants the Apple company to lend them the password to unlock one of the terrorists phone. This will help the US government by seeing if the terrorists are going to plan another attack or what can happen next. The only thing is that Apple doesn’t want to unlock the phone because they said that it is far too dangerous. The government also wants Apple to create software that will be able to unlock the phone. Apple thinks that creating the software will enable hackers to use the software and take over the people’s phones and possibly delete important information in the phone and once the software is out there it can’t be erased. There is still debate about this situation whether the government should continue convincing CEO Tim Cook and the Apple company to unlock the phone.


By: Lizeth Fuentes-Carrillo and Mariah Rosales


          Easter is coming up next month so be prepared to find Easter Eggs. Easter is not just about finding eggs, it is also about celebrating the Resurrection of God which is important to the Christians and Catholics holiday. Eggs were ancient symbols of fertility and represent Easter and Jesus Christ. Another fact about Easter everyone knows that candy is so good so mostly people put candy in the Easter eggs or money. Most people celebrate it in parks or at their houses. Where are you going to celebrate Easter?


Ms. Millam’s Answers:

Q: Who would you celebrate Easter with?

A: I used to celebrate Easter with my mom, aunts and uncles.

Q:What do you think Easter is all about?

A: Easter is to celebrate the resurrection God.

Q: Do you have a special family tradition for Easter?

A: We used to put money in the Easter eggs.


Cesar Blanco’s Answers:

Q: Do you like Easter?


Q: Is Easter fun?

A: Yeah!

Q: What is your favorite thing about Easter?

A: Getting candy


Karla Lopez’s Answers:

Q: Do you hunt for Easter eggs?

A: Yes, because it is fun.

Q: What does your family put in the Easter eggs?

A: Candy and money.

Q: Where do you celebrate Easter

A: At the park.

    \Hopefully you have fun hunting or hiding Easter eggs and have a great Easter.


The Progress of the Elections
The Progress of the Elections

By:Jack Nash and Adlai Silva



            The Presidential Elections have been going on for a while now. In the beginning, there were 5 Democrats and over 10 Republicans. Now there are 2 Democrats and 5 Republicans. For the Democrats we have Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. For the Republican side we have Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, and John Kasich. This is Adlai Silva and Jack Nash going into TeWinkle Middle School and ask them about their opinions on the Elections.

           We interviewed Emma Goodman and Lena De La O. We asked Emma who did she want to win and why, she responded, “I want Ben Carson to win but he doesn't have a good chance. And I want him to win because he's smart.”  When we asked Emma if she thought that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would come face to face in the finals, she said, “I think so.”  When we asked her who did she think would leave the race next she responded, “I don't know, but Donald is dominating.”

When we asked Lena Who did she want to win and why she said,”I hope that Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio will win. I feel like they would be better than Donald and Hilary.” When we asked Lena who do you think the president will be and she said probably Donald Trump. Also when we asked Lena if she thinks Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will go face to face at the end she says she hopes so.

When we asked Ben Sparks who did he want to win he said,”Anyone but Donald Trump because he's racist.” When we asked him who did he think would win, he said Donald Trump. When we asked him if he thought that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would go off face to face, he said yes. Griffin Meyer said he doesn't care about the elections, so that's a bummer.

          So that's it for the elections right now, just a few days ago Ben Carson left the party so that leaves 4 Republicans. The Presidential Finals won't happen until November, and California is almost having its primary voting.

This was Adlai Silva and Jack Nash and we hope you enjoy this month of TeWinkle's student news!

6th grade visit
6th grade visit

By: Hazel Vences, Leslie Hernandez

Date 3/7/16


    On March 5, 2016 6th grade students from all elementary schools came to TeWinkle Middle School to find out more information on what they will be doing and participating next year when they become 7th graders. A lot of 6th graders that are now 7th graders at TeWinkle Middle school enjoyed coming and learning a lot of what they will be doing.The 6th graders that came learned about the electives like Avid, ASB, and Publications.One students from each elective gave information and facts about what they do in their elective. This gives 6th graders choices on what they want to do. We decided to interview some 7th graders on what they thought on the field trip last year.


Q-How did you feel when you were in 6th grade and you came to visit Tewinkle Middle School?

A- I was super excited because I have a big brother and he would tell me good things about the school which made me even more excited to come to TeWinkle Middle School. - Emma Goodman


Q- What did you like about the tour last year when you were a 6th grader to?

A- I liked how they showed me around the school so when it was the first day of school I knew were my classes were. - Talulah Prow


Q-What were you mostly looking forward to when you came on the field trip to TeWinkle Middle School?

A- I was mostly looking forward to what electives the school had. - Ian Epperson



By: Alyssa McKnight and April Scott
    Soccer is a popular sport we play today. Many may ask who invented soccer? Records trace the history of soccer back to ancient China, from 2,000 years ago. Greece, Rome, and parts of America also claim to have invented the sport, but it was England that actually created soccer. Our school plays soccer too. The 7th and 8th grade boys soccer teams here at TeWinkle have had an exciting start to the season. The 7th graders have had  their 3rd victory, and the 8th graders and have had their 2nd victory, are sure to have a good run this year.

    Many different people play soccer worldwide, and they all probably have different answers for the question, “What is your favorite part about soccer?” 8th Grader, Kevin Gutierrez says, “My favorite thing about playing soccer is probably the adrenaline I feel before the game starts. I feel nervous but then I remember how fun soccer is.”

    The next question I asked was, “Are you connecting well with your teammates and coach?” 7th grader, Elijah Montoya says, “I am very comfortable with my teammates and coach. My coach is a great guide and I understand what he tells me. My teammates and I play really well together and we connect very well. When we go onto the field, we play as one big person and we dominate.”

    The last question I asked was, “Do you think you will play soccer in the future?” Noah Gniffke says, “I definitely think I will succeed and play soccer in the future. If I work hard, run fast, and keep my energy level high, I can move forward and play soccer when I get older.”

    Overall, it doesn’t matter what grade you are in, you can succeed and kick it up a notch. 7th grade and 8th grade boys soccer should be very proud of what they are achieving, as a team and as a school. Come support them at TeWinkle and watch their next victory!


Spring Rally
Spring Rally

March 14, 2016

By: Samantha Sanchez and Yuridia Zarate


            On March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day) the ASB class will be holding a Spring Rally in the front of the Gymnasium. It will be held during study groups and most of the classes will be attending. They will be asking for people in the crowd to participate in the activities. Here are some of the TeWinkle ASB students that we interviewed.


Alex Armand-

    Q: Will there be any cheerleaders cheering?

    A: Yeah, we are going to have the TeWinkle Trojans and some of the Estancia Cheerleaders helping us entertain everybody.


Melia Kenneth-

    Q: What kind of activities will be held during the Spring Rally?

    A: We will have teachers participating, and wrapping people with toilet paper, so that they look like mummies. The rest is a surprise.


Lena De La O-

    Q: Are there any other things that are going to happen there?

    A: A lot of games, and funny things are going to happen to the teachers. There’s going to be a special surprise at the end.


By: Gisel Garcia and Marycarmen Perez




            Justin Bieber is a Canadian pop star who was discovered via YouTube. He was born on March 1, 1994, in London, Ontario, at St Joseph's Hospital. He is the only child of Jeremy Jack Bieber and Patricia Mallette. His debut album, “My World” went platinum in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

On Oct.27, when he was 19 he traveled to a remote village in Guatemala and build a school. After deadly tornadoes swept over Oklahoma in July, Justin Bieber set aside a chunk of tickets for victims to go to his concert and have fun despite what happened.

            After a very stormy 2013 and 2014, Justin Bieber's been using 2015 to showcase himself in a better light. Along the way, the pop superstar and his team have been hinting that new music was on its way. Bieber began singing for Usher one week later. Bieber was soon signed to Raymond Braun Media Group(RBMG), a joint venture between Braun and Usher. Justin Timberlake was also reportedly in the running to sign Bieber but lost the bidding war to Usher. Bieber then moved to Atlanta with his mother to pursue further work with Braun and Usher. Braun became Bieber's manager in 2008.

            On August 28, 2015, Bieber released a new single titled “What Do You Mean”, as the lead single from his fourth studio album Purpose. After eight non-consecutive weeks (seven consecutive) at number two, on the week charting January 23, 2016 “Sorry”, climbed to the top spot of the chart and became Bieber's second number- one single.


National Pancake Day
 National Pancake Day

By: Brianna Rios and Mariela Arellano


            IHOP’s greatest specialty got even better. National pancake day is held at every IHOP in the United States on March 8th . This is not only for pancakes. This event is for charity, for example Children's Miracle hospital and other charities. Ihop is hoping to hoping to get to their goal which is 3.5 million dollars . Pancakes are going to be served from 7am to 7pm. This is contributing to charity by giving a percentage of all pancakes sold.  If anyone goes to go get some pancakes they will get a free stack of buttermilk pancakes to anyone. From one pancake lover to another we interviewed Logan Richard:


“Do you like pancakes and why?”

Logan: “Yes, because they are fluffy and you can put syrup on them!”


“What syrup do you like on your pancakes?”

Logan:“Either maple or blueberry.”


“Do you like chocolate pancakes or buttermilk?”

Logan: “I like buttermilk because they are delicious.”  


“How would you feel about it contributing to charity?”

Logan: “I think it is a good idea so kids can eat pancakes and to help charity!”


            As you can see this is a great cause because it benefits a lot of children that need help . Get your buttermilk pancakes at IHOP for charity and deliciousness! Help charities by eating pancakes  Publications hopes you have a great day with buttermilk pancakes at IHOP.


Car Inventions

By: Carmen Abac and Natalia Araiza


            Vroom Vroom! Get out me car. A wonderful day for racing students and teachers, Edgar Zetina (8th grade), Luis Duran (8th grade), Mr.Dowdy, and Mrs.Shannon (Science Teacher) worked with each other to build cars by scratch. On March 4, 2016 the eighth graders raced at the lunch line.

            Let's roll down the window and ask couple of questions to  Luis Duran has been up to,

Q:How did you design your model?

A:”Our groups idea was to make a truck with all of  our material since we had a lot of cardboard”


Q: How fast was your invention? Do you know the speed average?

A:”The speed average was 4.0 meters per second”


Q:Did you do this project all by yourself or did you work together in a group.

A:”We worked in a group and combined our ideas together and put it into one”.


Q:Why did you decide to model your invention how it is like that.

A:”The selection of wheels we used required a bigger car”


            Let’s drive by Edgar Zetina and see what he has been up to,

Q: Did you have fun making this project?

A: “Yeah, because we got to work together as a team”


Q: Material did you mainly use?

A: “The material we used were Cereal boxes, straws, CDs”


Q: Do you know the speed average?

A: “Our speed average was 4.4, the 2nd fastest”


Q Was it hard making the model?

A: ”Yes it was hard making the project  because the wheels kept bending it was really frustrating”


            Honk!Honk! Let's move onto Mrs.Shannon  and ask her a few questions,

Q:Why did you decide to assign your students to invent cars?

A:”We are learning about speed and velocity”


Q:Is there such thing as the best car invention?

A:”Yes there is, because it’s all about speed and the students have to make the fastest cars”


Q:How does making car inventions help your students?

A:”They know how to calculate speed”


Q:Is there a specific material that they need to use in their car display?

A:”You have to have 4 wheels and 2 axles”


Nature Academy at Knotts
Nature Academy at Knotts

By: Mayreli Abundis and Jackie Duran



            7th and 8th grade Nature Academy students are going to Knotts Berry Farm on March 17th! Mrs Shannon choose to go to Knotts Berry Farm to show the students the motions of roller coasters and they actually get to see the machines used for it. We asked 8th grade student Jocelyn Reynoso and 8th grade science teacher Mrs. Shannon some questions.  


Jocelyn Reynoso

Q: Why did you choose to go?

A: Because it is fun and I can hang out with my friends.


Q: Are you in Nature Academy or are you just going to the field trip?

A: I am in Nature Academy.


Q: Did you join last year? Why?

A: I didn’t join last year because I didn't know about it, but if I did i would have joined.


Mrs. Shannon

Q: Did a lot of kids sign up?

A: Yes, we had over 75 applications.


Q: How do the kids qualify to go?

A: They had to have good grades, good behavior, no Ds or Fs, and teachers approval.


Q: How many kids are able to go?

A: 45


Q: Is this the last field trip or are there going to be more?

A: We’re going on one more, to the Aquarium of the Pacific in April.

Spirit Run Article
Spirit Run Article

By: Emma Joyce & Daysie Hernandez

March 11, 2016


           As people, ages from 4 to 80 years old, surround Fashion Island in Newport Beach for the 33rd annual event that takes place on March 20, 2016, they are raising money for schools. Each age group runs separately at different times starting at 6:00 A.M to 11:00 A.M. Each runner receives a medal, but the top 3 men and women running in the 5k to 10k will be given the winners spirit run medals. The schools are given 50% of the registration fees collected from their first 50 event registrations. Those schools are located in the Newport Mesa Unified School districts including elementary and middle schools.


           Feel free to come and enjoy this amazing annual event! Our TeWinkle and Estancia cheerleaders will be going to cheer on all the runners as they pass the finish line!


By: Renee Ranes and David Perez

March 11, 2016

    Originating from England, soccer is a very amusing sport that millions love to play. Our girls TeWinkle teams are kicking it up a notch with Daysie Hernandez and Dulce Martinez. Let’s hear what they have to say about this year’s soccer team.


Daysie Hernandez

She enjoys soccer “because the people on the team make you feel really good, and are super supportive. I also like soccer because it is competitive and you get to kick people’s shins, and shove them down to the ground.” She joined soccer because she “thought it would be really fun with all my friends, and it also a good way to help out the school.” She thinks the season will go “good because we have a stronger team than last year, and have been practicing very hard.” Her favorite position is “defense, because you get more of a challenge.”


Dulce Martinez

She enjoys soccer “because it gives me a chance to meet new people around the school.” She joined soccer“because it is one of my favorite sports, and it is a good way to support the school.” She think her teammates and her “will have a good season because we have done super good in practices, and fought hard in previous games.” Her favorite position is “midfield because I can shoot goals and play defense at the same time.”


    Do you like soccer? Then come out and support our Trojans! Game Days are

  • March 8th against Sowers with the 8th grader playing at 4:00 and the 7th graders playing at 5:00

  • , March 10th playing against Corona Del Mar with the 7th graders playing at 4:00 and the 8th graders at 5:00.


Unfortunately, the last game of the season for the 7th graders is at Costa Mesa High School on Tuesday the 15th at 4:00 and is not a home game. The 8th graders playing the same day at Estancia at 6:00. If you really wanted to, you could come support your trojans though. We hope to see you at the games!