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December 2017

December Broadcast
Pass, Shoot, make it in the Hoop
Pass, Shoot, make it in the Hoop

By: Perla Martinez and Zoe Anderle



        A new season has started for 8th grade boys basketball team and the anticipation is high for how TeWinkle will do. Our first game of the season is on December 21 against Corona Del Mar and we asked the team what we should expect.

        “I hope we do well.” Dane Dodge says. We lost last time 40-15 but the team assures us they’ve been practicing a lot and expect to do much better.

        “We do warm ups, shooting, and scrimmage every day” Elijah Gutierrez told us. He was on the team last year and played against CDM. He liked the perfect amount of aggression in the sport and said even if they don’t win, he’ll enjoy playing the game.

        Kaiden Kahkosko is looking forward to winning, though. “I’ve been playing my whole life and it’s really fun.”

        We hope the team’s preparation and attitude will give us a great start in this basketball season. Be sure to be at the game on December 21 against CDM to support our team!



BY: Diana Granados and Penelope                                  

        One of the coolest and amazing class in TeWinkle is PLTW. In this class the students have worked on mechanism projects or are currently working on projects.

        In 7th grade the students in Mrs. Ogulnik’s class just finished building pull toys which are toys you use a string to pull and a windmill. They are currently working on making Test Bed and coding it on the computer. A Test Bed consists of specific hardware, software, Operating system, network configuration, the product under test, other system software and application software. This project is based on robotics and engineering. The students are going to partner up and use vek parts to accomplish their project. Vek parts, used in this class are called VEX parts which include motion pieces, electrical pieces, and hardware.

        In 8th grade the students in Mr. Durocher’s class were researching aerospace careers and colleges offering those degrees. They were researching from They were to gather information and put it in a brochure.

        We interviewed an 8th grader named Trent Ku and he gave us his opinion. The coolest project was when they dipped their hands in an ice bucket so they would learn about how your senses work and body reacts. In his class they have done 4 projects so far. They were working on an oc maker and an eye project.

        Another person we interviewed was Samantha LeBoeuf. For her the biggest project has been the pull toy and windmill. She thought the coolest project had been the test bed they are working on.The test bed project is to help the students learn about coding.

        The last student we interviewed was Angelina Barasch. She believes the test bed is the biggest project they have done so far. She thought the coolest project was the pull toy and windmill because you got to present and see all the other projects.

        In conclusion, the students in PLTW are having so much fun making so many projects and learning more at the same time.

3...2...1… Happy New Year!!!
3...2...1… Happy New Year!!!

By: Jessica Min and Grace Mits

December 4th, 2017


        New Year is celebrated at midnight of December 31st of every year. Like a birthday, New Year’s day provides us the chance to celebrate having made it through another year! A popular place to celebrate is in New York on the streets of Times Square in the snow or in your cozy homes. We prefer staying at home although being in New York is super cool and awesome.

        On the day of the New Year, we start creating/making resolutions for the new year. A New Year’s resolution is basically a goal for your personal life for the coming year. For example, at the beginning of the new year, you will make a goal for yourself to be more healthy and positive. Most people give up on their resolutions within the month, but if you are able to successfully accomplish your resolution, you are awesome!!    

        Here we interviewed several people. 8th graders Sydney Birza and Dane Dodge and school staff members, Mrs. Milam, Ms. Eggo, and Mr. Flores. Sydney’s resolution is to be more social and make more friends. Dane said that he will try not to procrastinate as much as he already does. Mrs. Milam hopes to find an interesting hobby while Ms. Eggo hopes she can stay healthy and be more positive. Mr. Flores’ resolution is to continue eating healthy and start developing healthy living habits.

        Our second question for them was what will they be doing the day of New Year’s Eve (the day BEFORE New Year’s Day). Sydney and Dane will be going to hang out with their friends and family and especially, have fun. Ms. Eggo will be out in the desert riding her dirt bike, which is her favorite hobby. Mrs. Milam will most likely be sleeping or watching a movie. Mr. Flores will either be watching the Raiders vs. Chargers Game, staying in a cabin in Lake Arrowhead, or staying at home which will most likely be the case. All in all, we hope you have made your resolutions and also hope you have an amazing, memorable New Year’s Day!!


Yay! No School!
 Yay! No School!


By: Tara Schroeder


        We have been in school for a while now, a break would be nice. This year winter break starts Friday, December 22th at 1:22pm and we return to school Monday, January 8th. On December 22nd school will get out at 1:22pm because it’s minimum day. Winter break will last two full weeks. During the break there are two holidays, Christmas and New Years. So, when everyone returns to school it will be 2018.


        Lots of people have plans for winter break. Felicity Ramirez, an 8th grader, is going to spend one week in Mexico where she gets to see her cousins. When she is there she goes to a celebration in town where she has a piece of this really long loaf of bread with chocolate. Another 8th grader, Nicole Pagurian, is also traveling, she’s going to Arizona for the break. Some people are going to hang out around here. 8th grader Vanessa Silva is go to Universal Studios, make tamales, and she’s going to prank people.


        Hope you have a wonderful winter break Trojans. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See you next year.


By: Denise Zecua and Alejandra Gonzalez



        Hello Tewinkle Trojans. On December 14 at 6:00 p.m we are having a music performance in Boswell Hall. The performers are Band, Choir,  and Orchestra. Mr.McFadden and the music classes are working hard on their songs that they’re performing at the show. Choir is performing six songs, Orchestra is performing eight songs,  Band is performing six songs. Jazz band is also performing three songs and advanced band is performing three songs.

        A choir singer named Judy Sevilla, 7th grader, says that she is excited plus nervous at the same time because she might forget the lyrics of the songs.  Although she is really looking forward to the music performance this December.

Breanna Sumpter, 8th grader, is in band and we asked her what instrument she plays  “My instrument which is the flute. I played the flute last year and I’m more focus on the flute this year for band.”

       Hope everyone will enjoy the music performance this year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Trojans!  


By: Blake Peck and Samantha Gomez



    This past month, students of the 7th grade avid class went on their first school field trip as an avid class. These students went to UCLA, a local UC in the LA county.  This field trip occurred on the 28th of November.

The purpose of this trip was to learn about college life and there everyday activities. This trip was just one of many ones that will take place this year and is very popular throughout campus.

    These students got to see how the UCLA basketball teams play and how they get ready before their games. It helped them better understand what might lead to a better future especially for the ones most talented to play.

    Two students Yasunny Pichardo and Bryan Siliezar went on this trip and we interviewed them to get their thoughts on what happened. Yasunny explained how, “I went on this trip to learn how to try harder in school for more opportunities. When we asked about getting into the school and Bryan said, “It doesn't take hardship, only work and that it's not a private school so I might have a better chance at making it.” These students enjoyed this trip and hope to go on another one to a college for another better experience.

    In conclusion, these students enjoyed their time at UCLA this month. They hope to take something from this and better help there opportunities.


Welcome Mr.Powers
Welcome Mr.Powers

By Destiny Radillo and Emelyn Tototzin

Dec 18, 2017


        While Mrs.Smith is out Mr.Powers will be a substitute for her Language Arts and Avid classes. Mrs.Smith will be back after winter break, but meanwhile Mr. Powers is getting along with all the students and is doing an amazing job helping and teaching the students learn what they need to learn. A few things Mr. Powers enjoys to do when he's not teaching is going to the beach, running, and hiking with his dog and wife. Before Mr. Powers came to TeWinkle he was a substitute for other schools and was at school getting his master to teach. We interviewed a few of his students to know what they thought of Mr.Powers.


Jimena Rosales

Q- What do you like about Mr.Powers class?

A- I like that he makes class a bit more fun


Jazmine Martinez

Q-What do you like about Mr.Powers class?

A- What I like about Mr.Powers is that his homework isn’t hard and most activities are fun.


Erika Negrete

Q-What do you like about Mr.Powers class?

A- He’s nice and he helps us out alot and lets us collaborate alot in groups.


iPhone X
iPhone X

By: Jack Moyer & Alex Vega



        The iPhone X is the newest Apple product and the weirdest iPhone yet. The phone came out on November 3, 2017. Some of the features are a glass body, edge to edge display, no home button, and facial recognition. The iPhone is the biggest one yet at 5.8 inches and the 8 Plus is 5.5 inches. The phone is not waterproof but it's water resistant so it can get a little water on it and be fine. The phone is $999.99 for a 64GB and $1,150 for a 256GB iPhone. One of the biggest deals are trading in your old iPhone and get $300 to $350 dollars off of the new phone.

        Elijah Gutierrez thoughts on the phone are it is too expensive but looks pretty sick. He also said he would buy it if he had the money. He said he would rather have the iPhone X because it looks newer and it is improved.

        Cameron Knickerbockers thoughts on the Iphone X are that it looks like a Samsung. He said that the Iphone X is overrated because most of the features are overrated. He also said he rather have the Iphone 8 over the Iphone X because it has a home button.

        Some of the biggest features of the iPhone X are no home button and facial recognition. Those were some of the biggest features of the Iphone X.

Call the Ball
Call the Ball

By: Kaya Pagard  


        This year’s girls volleyball season started with tryouts on Friday, December 1. Many girls did their very best and sadly, only few could make it. 7th grade coach, Ashley and 8th grade coach Mckenzie  are excited for the new volleyball season with new girls to train.

        I interviewed 8th graders Bree Anderson, Ruby Uchytil, and 7th grader Ava Fitzgerald, on what they were expecting going into tryouts and here is what they said.

        What are you looking forward to in Volleyball? Bree was looking forward to making a lot of friends and playing as hard as she could and so was Ruby, Ava said that she was looking forward to creating memories and scoring a lot of points. What is your favorite position?  Ruby’s favorite position is a setter and both Bree and Ava’s favorite position is a middle.  

        Their first game will be an away game at CDM on December 20, 2017. Like all good things, it has to end at some point, the season will be ending on February 15, 2017. So, make sure to go to their games to support them! All and all, Volleyball season is going to be great!


Happy Hanukkah!
Happy Hanukkah!

By: Aidan Mattingly and Eric Angeles



        Everyone usually celebrates Christmas but there is another celebration that is celebrated in December, Hanukkah. Hanukkah, if you don’t know, is a Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem during the time of the Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid Empire. Hanukkah started in 200 B.C. when a man named Judah took control of Antiochus the lll, the Seleucid king of Syria. This year, Hanukkah will start on the 12th of December and it will continue for eight days to the 20th of December.

        Hanukkah is celebrated for eight days to mark the eight days the oil burned. On the first night of Hanukkah one candle on the right side of the menorah is lit and then the following days each candle is lit but reverses to the right then left in that kind of process.

        Hanukkah and Christmas actually have some things in common, there are feasts that occur in the same month, December. But there are differences too, Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, and Hanukkah celebrates the Second temple in Jerusalem.

        Music, art, and food are major factors included during holidays and celebrations. Maoz Tzur is the typical music that is enjoyed when celebrating Hanukkah and other types of Jewish music is recorded as well. Potato latkes and doughnuts are required for feast as are short ribs and noodle kugel. Hanukkah is a great time for celebration and a time of feast for eight days, and lighting the menorah.


Are You a Wonder?
Are You a Wonder?

By: Elle Romine and Elise Keane


        Have you seen or heard about the movie, “Wonder”? If not, maybe you have read the book? On November 17th the movie “Wonder” came to theaters. This movie is based off of a book which was written in 2012 by Raquel J. Palacio. The movie is a huge hit with 85% of rotten tomatoes and 102.3 million  tickets purchased.

        Wonder is about a 5th grade boy named Auggie who has a facial deform and goes to public school for the first time. He faces many obstacles with other kids in his class. This movie has been so inspiring to many people and kids. It also teaches a lesson to spread love and kindness.

        We asked 7th Grader Quincy Corbean what were her thoughts are on the movie. She replied saying that she loved the movie! She said that she would give the movie a 10 out of 10!

        Everyone loves the book and movie “wonder”, such a heartwarming story. Now, go go go to those theaters and see the movie “Wonder”!


Here Comes Santa Claus
Here Comes Santa Claus

By: Thu Nguyen & Olivia Shallahamer

December 7th, 2017


        Its that time of year, where bright lights are hanging, presents under the tree, and cookies lay out for Old Saint Nicholas. As soon as the month of December come around, everyone gets ready for the holidays. This year, Christmas falls on Monday, December 25, 2017.

        According to a study from Google, America’s favorite holiday happens to be Christmas. In 2013 they found that 92% of America celebrate Christmas. Christmas was traditionally started because of the birth of baby Jesus on December 25, 336 A.D. However, not everyone celebrates it that way. The fat red man that comes down our chimney everynight known as Santa Clause was actually Saint Bishop Nicholas, who assisted those that were needy and suffering during the 4th century. December 25th was known as the day he arrived bearing gifts and punishments other known as coal.

        We asked 8th grader, Paris Dang what her favorite Christmas traditions are, and she said Christmas caroling and opening presents with her family. Her favorite part of Christmas day is the presents. Another eighth grader, Vanessa Castellanos, said she wakes up at midnight for Christmas to open her presents. When we asked Ashley Nieto what time she woke up for Christmas, and she replied, midnight. Lastly, we asked Ashley Nieto what her favorite tradition on Christmas day is and she specifically said that she loves making tamales.

         In conclusion, Christmas is right around the corner, and we hope you have a happy holidays.                        

Miguel's Tough Journey
  Miguels Tough Journey

By:Natalie Valladolid and Kimberly Palacios



        Good afternoon Trojans. Some of you guys may not know, but Coco is a new movie that came out on November 22. The theme of the movie is to do what you have your heart set on not what other people tell you to. The movie is about this little boy who loves music and will do anything to do what he loves behind his family's back. In the movie his family forbids him to play music.  He will travel through the real story behind his family history and end ups in the land of the dead. You will go through his journey to get back home. The voices behind the character were Gael Garcia for Hector, Benjamin Bratt as Ernesto de la Cruz, Renee Victor as Abuelita, Jaime Camil for Papa, and Anthony Gonzalez as Miguel. The directors of this movie were Lee Unkrich, and Adrian Molina. The writers were Lee Unkrich, and Jason Katz. The makers were Pixar Animation Studios. The rating of this movie was a 9/10.


        7th grader Erik Angeles said,  ¨I have not watched the movie but I think it would be really good because it involves the day of the dead.¨ Erik added  ¨When I watched the trailer I thought it is going to be a fantastic movie.¨


       7th grader Sydney Arroyo said, ¨I think it would be good because I love any pixar movies¨. Sydney  claimed ¨ When I saw the trailer Í thought it would be an amazing movie to watch with my family.¨


       7th grader Paulina Abac claimed, ¨It was interesting to learn more about the day of the dead.¨ she added  ¨ I recommend this movie because it is so good parents and children will enjoy it.¨


        7th grader Vanessa Ruiz said, ¨I thought the movie was heartwarming.¨ Vanessa added  ¨Yes I would recommend the movie because it is a great movie for all ages.¨


       In conclusion we thought the movie was great, and heartwarming. We encourage you to go watch it and have some fun and stay safe.



Winter Trends
Winter Trends

By: Sarah Haddouch and Paulina Abac



        There are many winter trends at Tewinkle that we follow. Some trends that people follow during the winter at Tewinkle middle school are leather jackets, high waisted pants, jeans, fur coats, knee high boots, hoodies, and sweaters.

        Zoey Anderle follows the trend of graphic T-shirts. Zoey favorite winter trend is big jackets. Her favorite accessory is necklaces. Zoey’s favorite store to shop at is Urban Outfitters. Zoey favorite shoe brand to wear is vans.

        Another student whose very trendy is Grace Mitts. A trend that Grace follows is furry soft sweaters. Grace’s favorite winter trend is denim jeans. Grace’s favorite accessory to wear is rings. Grace’s favorite brand to wear is America Eagle. Her favorite trend to wear in general are scarfs.

        Hank Hernandez is another students at Tewinkle who is trendy. A trend that Hank  follows is cutting jeans at the bottom. Hank’s favorite accessory to wear is hats. His favorite trend, in general, is baggy pants. His favorite jacket brand is Supreme.

        Zoey Anderle, Grace Mitts, and Hank Hernandez are just a handful of students who are trendy here at Tewinkle middle school.