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Complete Knock, Knock project and share

Week 6

With partner create Pong or Dodge Ball -  Bounce

Idea Kling (Pong) Dodge Ball from Scratch Programming


Week 8


SCRATCH Programming

Students will learn 21st-century programming fundamentals by dragging color blocks of code to create interactive stories, games, and animations.   Through direct instruction, students will complete programming challenges and experimentation.  The learning environment of Scratch fosters creativity, logical thinking, problem-solving, and technical literacy.  Scratch is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. It is provided free of charge.

Scratch MIT


Project 1 - Under the Sea

This week you will learn the basics of SCRATCH learn how to move, say, loop, and change costumes using Scratch coding blocks.

Block An individual command or instruction used within a script.
Sprite An individual object that can change costumes and perform on a stage.
Script One or more blocks that describes the appearance, sounds, and behavior of a sprite, the stage, or variable of a project.
Stage Background A collection of scripts, images and sounds that provide the "background" that sprites perform on.
Program A project is a collection of scripts, sprites, sounds, backgrounds, and other images that are saved in a single file and used together.

Group Activity:  As whole group instruction demonstrate each of the blocks below and  x position, y position, direction icon

 Scratch Programming example
Project 1 :   Since we live in beautiful California and only a few miles from the ocean our 1st theme is UNDER THE SEA.   First select a different STAGE, choose background from library, below themes select underwater, choose underwater 3.

Next add a fish SPRITE:  Choose sprite from library, theme underwater, select a fish of your choice.  There are so many different ways to create movement in SCRATCH, currently we are working on creating movement in our SPRITE (character).    Using only the blocks below create a SCRIPT that shows the movement of the fish.  Use them once, twice, or multiple times, but use each block at least once!

Scratch Programming Example

Project 2 - Single Player Maze

Make a Maze Game  

The most basic game contains the ability to control the character (SPRITE).  

STAGE      BACKGROUND :Let's get started, click on the background icon to gain access to the design palette.  Next using the paint bucket select your back ground color, add the lines of your maze.  Keep it simple, just a few turns to learn the process. 

SELECT the SPRITE for the character to move through the maze.   Use the SPRITE design palette to make any changes.  Program the SPRITE to move using the arrow keys.   Stop by and see Mrs. Kling if you need a tip or two.

Here are some blocks that will be helpful in this project:     


Next create an IF THEN CONDITION that if your SPIRIT is touching the color of the lines in the maze the SPRITE goes back to start.

If statement is used in basic programming.

                 If you are 12  - Raise your hand


@ Home or @ Lunch in the lab ---- Enhance your maze !!  Create a script that every time it runs into a wall your sprite makes a sound, goes back to start, changes to another sprite. 





Week 4

Day A: Share MAZES

Day B: Knock Knock Jokes -2 backgounds, change size